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New French statements spark a boycott campaign again

The repercussions of France’s continuing crisis with the Islamic world due to the publication of the cartoons insulting to our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, are still continuing, as the repercussions of these cartoons turned into an economic crisis.

The eighth newsletter-Nasharkom (20/11/2020) monitored the continuing calls of Muslim tweeters and activists to boycott French products, and the boycott hashtag continues to be the forefront in several Arab and Islamic countries, in conjunction with new statements coming from France regarding Islam.

The French Interior Minister has threatened parents who refuse to teach their children the cartoons with criminal incrimination and deportation. After the completion of a law to combat the so-called separatism, the French president intends to form a national council responsible for issuing funds for Muslim imams in France.

The issue received wide reactions, as activist Islam Abu Aoun wrote: “Macron gives Muslims 15 days to sign a charter to consider Islam not a political movement, stresses education in homes and prohibits any Islamic privacy, in addition to preventing outside interference in Muslim affairs there. Imagine if An Islamic state forces the Christian churches to stop their dependency on the foreign churches, what will the situation be?

Activist Sultan al-Amer said, “France is following the example of China in adopting a policy of forced integration for Muslims. He postponed identification cards for children to ensure that their parents do not prevent them from school.”

Issam Manasra wrote: “The boycott continues due to the constant incitement of the French President and his extremist government to hate Islam and Muslims, due to the publication of offensive images of the Messenger in public and government places, due to the closure of mosques and Islamic societies in France, due to France’s crimes against Muslim countries.”

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