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New report holds China culpable for COVID19 pandemic: calls for compensation

New report holds China culpable for COVID19 pandemic: calls for compensation

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  1. Good luck getting compensation.

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Jackson_Society#Criticism

    The people who came up with this “report.” The author of the article is unnamed and totally anonymous; the website itself is a 6-year old news outfit founded in 2014. Just a little caveat before Reddit runs off with this.

  3. So, I guess the next question is, who are the authors, and for what purpose was the report developed?

  4. Hmmmm



    I wonder what axe this band of yahoos has to grind?

  5. Just saying, the “report” is published by a right-wing British NGO who was found to be running an anti-China propaganda campaign through the backing of a foreign government back in 2017. It is not authoritative, evidence-based, or peer-reviewed.

  6. So does this mean that the US would be on the hook for causing the 2008 global financial crisis then as well?

  7. How is this even on r/worldnews? The report is from a far right British outlet that has as much credibility as Breitbart or even The Onion. If anything this is a bot trying to stir up controversy.

  8. i remember that game, i played it a lot as a kid, the blame game

  9. I’m so glad most redditors in this thread have no actual power in the real world, that’s all I’m going to say.

  10. People really should put more thought into who are these think tanks and experts and who pays them

  11. Fox News keeps banging the “China failed to contain Covid19, and lied to us” drum. Which makes me think “Oh so you agree that lying, incompetence, and downplaying the severity of a global pandemic that kills hundreds of thousands is egregiously wrong and should be punished somehow? Yeah me too.

  12. If 9/11 people are still waiting … and this wasn’t even as deliberate.

  13. ah yes… a neo-conservative think tank… did a “report” that came up with “china did it”

    seems legit

  14. Yeah, can we just wait until this is over first?

  15. How about we get out of this alive first and then we can bitch? Good lord people have short attention spans.

  16. New report by Neocon think tank aims to increase nationalism and racism during a pandemic

  17. Wasn’t this how WW2 started? The world pressed Germany to pay reparations for WW1.

  18. This sounds like a “dont worry Mexico Will pay for the wall”
    Tax payers *pays for the wall*

  19. The Henry Jackson Society running an anti-China campaign? Surprise surprise surprise. Maybe they should first fix the f’n moron in their own country who planned on using herd immunity as the ultimate solution. Perhaps Covid-19 will fix that problem on its own.

  20. So a BRITISH think tank is calling for restitution from CHINA? Are they aware of the Opium Wars?

  21. What a precedence that would be. Nations being held accountable. There isn’t enough money in the world.

  22. Was the USA held accountable for the Spanish Flu? That was all on us and I don’t recall us being held “accountable.”

  23. UK should be the last country asking for compensation. Their initial herd immunity strategy was just idiotic. Health experts in and out of the country were wondering who came up with this idea. It is clear now the UK government did not listen to its own health experts which lead to the current situation in UK.

    This is nothing more than shifting the blame for their own incompetence to China which is the strategy that US is trying to replicate.

  24. WWIII against China to restart our economy —Military Industrial Complex

  25. Last time countries pointed fingers and demanded financial compensation, it led to WW2. I don’t think it’d be wise to repeat history.

  26. I’m getting post WW1 vibes. Blamed germany for everything and asking for reparations and now it’s kind of the same for china. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s just the feeling I’m getting

  27. Just like the USA paid compensation for causing the 2008 banking crisis

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