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New York City Hall ends commercial contracts with Trump due to the congressional attack


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that the city will end contracts linking it to the Trump group in the wake of last week’s violence at the Capitol.

The announcement comes at a time when a growing number of companies, lawmakers and groups are moving to distance themselves from outgoing President Donald Trump after the deadly attack.

The New York contracts cover the city’s own golf course in the Bronx, two ice rinks and a roller coaster in Central Park.

“New York City does not do business with insurgents,” de Blasio, a Democrat, wrote on Twitter.

“We are taking steps to terminate agreements with the Trump Group to operate the skating rinks and roller horse racing at Central Park and Ferry Point Golf Course,” he added.

Bill de Blasio: New York will end contracts with Trump Group (Getty Images)

De Blasio explained that the group has contracts that swallow more than $ 17 million with New York City, according to Agence France-Presse.

The mayor told MSNBC he was confident the city would win any legal challenge. “If a company or a company leadership is involved in criminal activity, we have the right to terminate the contract,” he said. “Inciting a revolt against the United States government is a criminal activity,” he added.

A week before the end of his term, Trump faces impeachment proceedings in Congress on Wednesday for allegedly encouraging the attack on the Capitol building, which killed 5 people and caused a major shock in America and the world.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Deutsche Bank, Trump’s main lender for two decades, would cut ties with the Republican billionaire.

Shopify has shut down e-commerce pages that sell the group’s goods, and the payment platform Stripe has said it will no longer carry out any dealings with the Trump campaign.

The American Professional Golfers Association withdrew its 2022 championship from Trump National Golf Club at Bidminster, New Jersey.

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