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New Zealand Prime Minister announces the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are essential services

New Zealand Prime Minister announces the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are essential services

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  1. My daughter broke into tears a couple of weeks ago because the tooth fairy forgot to pick up her tooth and to leave some money. Our excuse was that the tooth fairy was in quarantine.

  2. Why can’t we have a leader like Jacinda; one that is human and compassionate, not to mention *genuine*?…. as opposed to the absolute cockwomble we have here at the moment

  3. This made me smile. Still thinking about the innocence of the children

  4. I’m a bit disappointed in New Zealand. You’d think they would have something stranger than the Easter Bunny, like the Easter Tuatara.

  5. Can’t get more Kiwi than this, New Zealand is awesome!

  6. The Easter Bunny is exempt and is allowed to break the bubble to visit Kiwi households.

    However, there is a chance the bunny might not be able to visit everyone.

  7. I can understand the Easter Bunny; he doesn’t exactly have any contact with human beings to my knowledge. So he’s pretty safe to hide eggs for children to find.

    But the Tooth Fairy?! Covid-19 can transmit from person-to-person just through breathing. How many hundreds of infected kids is she going to be in the same room as? She’s practically guaranteed to get infected herself at some point. And then how many thousands more would she infect as she exchanges teeth? She’d be the ultimate super-spreader!

    What a terrible decision by NZ’s PM.

  8. She is like NZ’s mum. Love it!

  9. I want to live in NZ, they seem nice.

  10. What a nice thing to do.

  11. I’m in Toronto. Our Mayor has stated that when this is all over, we are going to have a St. Patrick’s Day 2.

  12. Parents: Please stop talking

  13. Am I the only one who never grew up with the Easter Bunny being a thing? The first time I heard about it my reaction was that this is a blatant knockoff of Santa.

  14. Definitely voting labour again. Gooood bitch. Not perfect, but handled this situation well and locked us down relatively quickly considering 95% of the country was like; Upto? just chill bro.

    And this is adorable and uniting and I can’t wait to read it to Ms 4 & Ms 2.

  15. Did Brian say that!?

  16. Will they need 2 weeks quarantine?

  17. The Easter Bunny is immune so obviously it’s not a problem.

  18. Way to base your policy on scientific evidence. My lab has confirmed fairies as carriers of the virus.

  19. It is not a word i use often. And iam usually one to say go flop turds in your hands. But this….is cute.

  20. Does this belong in /aww ?

  21. thank goodness….

    although the potential for disease vector is alarmingly high, of you think about it…

    upside is that tooth fairy not likely needing to visit those over 60… 🙂

  22. So now parents don’t have an excuse for why they aren’t coming this year. I know this is supposed be heartwarming or w/e, but I feel like all it’s done is put parents in a tougher situation.

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