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New Zealand to shut all Non Esential Businesses and Schools

New Zealand to shut all Non Esential Businesses and Schools

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  1. Supermarkets are staying open, you don’t need to go smash stores at any stage of this pandemic.

    Pretty please?

  2. My boss broke down delivering the news. Last day of work today for 4 weeks at least.

  3. Prime Minister Adern:

    > “As of 1330 23/3/20, we are at alert level 3. After 48 hours, we move into alert level 4.”

    This is a full stay at home, business and school closure.

    [Offical NZ Covid-19 alert levels](https://i.imgur.com/ZyuDhT3.png)

  4. As a neighbour across the ditch here in Victoria, Aus… I’d just like to say good luck to you, friends. Kiwis are an amazing, resilient bunch. We might have had fires but the earthquakes you lot put up with shows just how amazing you can be when you get together for your community.

    Here’s hoping there’s a massive piss up when all this isolation gets lifted.

  5. We’re now level 3 on the [alert system](https://covid19.govt.nz/assets/COVID_Alert-levels_v2.pdf) and moving to level 4 in 48 hours. This lockdown is in addition to the border closure.

  6. [Video of the Prime Minister’s announcement](https://youtu.be/OFRvKKPeKGc?t=1546)

  7. Just went down to the Four Square to get my last Mince and Cheese before lockdown. Stay safe Whānau!

  8. The big boss is currently pacing around like a madman waiting to see if we count as an “essential service” (I mean, we supply some essential services but not really majorly). Interesting times. Very strange but it’s only temporary.

    The way I see it, we’re buying time for some treatments to hit the market at which time we should have the spread under control. Hopefully this only happens once.

  9. Means Aus will shut schools too once the PM reads this article.

  10. I just arrived back in NZ on Saturday after living overseas for 3 years. I’m currently in self isolation at my sisters while she lives with my patents. I’m literally confined to a 20m2 living room. With no income and businesses closing for 4 weeks minimum god knows what I’m going to do, and there are many others like myself. It’s a scary time. Let’s hope that this plan keeps us kiwis safe.

    There are a few kiwis now going to be stranded overseas due to airlines shutting down flights to NZ. It’s a very scary time.

  11. Don’t worry, fellow Kiwis! I have it on fairly good authority that liqour stores and booze supply chains will remain open!

    EDIT: Well this didnt age well… im sorry team D’:

  12. oh god, a month off work, I hope this wage subsidy package holds up, also i hope they freeze mortgage and bill payments for a couple weeks atleast…..but atleast i got 3 dozen beers in the fridge.

  13. The company I work for isn’t sure if we can stay open or not. We manufacture eco friendly cleaning products including hand sanitizer and disenfectents. So we’re not on the essential list,but we kinda need to keep making the stuff to keep the essential ones healthy and clean. Should be interesting for me.

  14. We are a pair of Brits who have been over in NZ for 3 weeks on honeymoon we were supposed to fly out home on Wednesday and our flights were cancelled this afternoon.

    We are shitting it to be honest.

    We dont know where we will live or how difficult simple things like grocery shopping will be when level 4 comes into play.

  15. Question as someone from Canada which expects this to come soon – I assume o could still go to my office and be the only person there since it’s my business and it’s only offices where we don’t see anyone…like to go get the mail, water the plants etc. I need mail, as that’s where my cheques come from – the rest of my employees are all working form home already.

  16. Woo, glad to hear EB Games will still be open!

  17. Excellent. Keep stores and pharmacies etc. Open but guarded in case people go crazy and try to raid them. Every country should just stop for 2 weeks and the governments should help those who won’t be working but also help those who are working, so they can keep spending money, and not have a full blown depression

  18. Animal processing plants (freezing works or meat works) are considered essential even though we export 90% of the products to other countries.

  19. But GameStop will still be open.

    Joking. I know they’ve given up. ^(hopefully won’t ever open again)

  20. Essential Schools: *guess I’ll die*

  21. If your local supermarket is empty, come to the poor side of Auckland. We cant afford to panic buy, like 80% of the town is on the benefit and cant exceed the weekly budget..I live in Rewa and our supermarkets are fine..Maybe some slight panic today but in general poor people cant panic buy..Its the middle class that can afford to do it.For this information i would please like one cup of rice and a beer 🙂

  22. Shiet, gona have our bakery close and without work for now. Dire times, feels like we’re in a movie with all the breaking news.

  23. Just got back from the Bush to hear we are on level 3. and then level 4 in 48 hours just like that shit is crazy .keep safe everyone.

  24. What is considered non-essential schools?

  25. I hope Canada takes the same steps. My friend at the LCBO doesn’t feel safe because people aren’t acting serious and yesterday had a kid drag his mouth all the way across the cash counter. This was after someone sneezed on that same counter. She tries to sanitize but there’s so many people lined up it hard to keep up.

  26. So like grocery stores, pharmacies, and game stops?

  27. Time to get drunk and high and then play video games.

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