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NHS Staff Forbidden From Speaking Out Publicly About Coronavirus.

NHS Staff Forbidden From Speaking Out Publicly About Coronavirus.

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  1. I would always look at employment contracts, facility policy and local labour laws.

    If it’s not expressly included in those that you can’t publicly talk to media outlets. Then talk to media outlets.

  2. Wait until a British tabloid publishes a pic of Boris Johnson in an induced coma on a ventilator

  3. Same thing is happening here in the area. Several employees at the hospital my husband works were fired for social media posts.

  4. Thoughts and prayers and shaking hands with everyone will get us through this. Information is the enemy!

  5. 2 people I’ve seen on social media have shared an audio file, supposedly from an NHS nurse, saying not to call an ambulance if they’re in respiratory distress because hospitals can’t take any more people, and that they should make preparations to die at home.

    I’ll inevitably get downvoted, but I’m just pointing out that there’s a very good case right now to not the muddy the waters with random sharing on social media. Misinformation is killing people right now.

    Edit: It was supposedly from a woman who had come out of a meeting with Public Health England, saying that they were planning on turning down people for ambulances on Thursday (today).

  6. so kind of like what China did?

  7. I’m Aussie and just about all of my contracts have had clauses where I can’t talk to the media or post on social media about my job and workplace. It would be likely that NHS staff would have the same clause and probably stricter given patient confidentiality. And rightly so. It’s not a cover up.

  8. Misleading title, certain staff in certain trusts have been sent emails or letters advising them not to speak out publicly. It also states other trusts have been encouraging staff to speak out.

    I work for the NHS, I have not received any communications that are advising against posting publicly.

  9. so y’all are going to be exactly as upset about this as you were about hubei doing the exact same thing, right?

  10. A lot of healthcare workers would actually support this.

    My wife is an NHS nurse and frequently cringes at some of the shit appearing from other people in her profession on social media. There are always going to be people who want attention in the YouTube era. Some of them exaggerate the situation and cause false fear because it satisfies that need. Healthcare professionals are people with failings like everyone else and some of them do this too.

    Because she knows I won’t share it, she sometimes shares stuff with me about what’s happening in her NHS trust and her hospital, and I can often see good reasons why the information isn’t made public.

  11. Oh. It was in China rigth?

  12. Just do it, the public will rip apart anyone who even tries to fire you right now.

    Also firing.nurses right now.would be stupid but our government isn’t above that.

  13. So now we get to assume the worst right

  14. Guess we’re just going to have to speak out privately to the media then.

  15. I’m in France. Same thing is happening here.

    I have first hand info from an Ambulance driver that decisions are being made about who is going to get potentially lifesaving treatment and who wont based on age and comorbidity. Before they reach hospital the decision is already made.

    Morgues are full, dead bodies piling up in inappropriate places.

    Lack of equipment and staff levels are not to be discussed, but are apparently seriously lacking. This is in a wealthy area but the demographic is skewed a little towards the older generation.

    Not spreading panic is obviously the goal here, but we arn’t getting the ‘truth’ of the situation.

  16. That’s actually crisis comms 101. You centralize the communications channels so you don’t have conflicting messages out there. It also replaces anecdotal evidence with actual facts and statistics.

  17. If I were a doctor or a nurse right now, I would very much be in the “what are you going to do, fire me?” mindset.

  18. It should be a standard clause in public sector management contracts that attempting to silence a whistleblower is a sacking offence.

    Until managers are made to be afraid of persecuting whistleblowers because it will damage their own careers, they’ll keep doing it.

  19. Massive shortage of doctors & nurses. Let’s punish ones who speak out. Makes perfect sense.

  20. Staff in UK not being able to talk is “draconian”.

    When I heard 750,000 people were locked in their homes in China and the dead were dragged away to mass graves, I felt that was more draconian and the whole UK staff thing more of a “don’t cause dumb people to go in to mass panic over hospital stories on Facebook” type thing.

    I just don’t see any value in the media having gory stories to spout, although some people somehow love knowing a newborn baby just died of coronavirus.

    The media isn’t on our side and there is difference between news and sensationalism. How many times do they have to prove to us they don’t care about keeping us informed.

    This is framed as “we deserve to know the truth” when it’s more “we’re being denied some good click bait”.

    There’s nothing a hospital worker can tell us that’s not 1/10 as alarming as staring at a bell curve and realizing how many more are going to die in the best case scenario.

  21. This is a good thing, too protect the country from individual views being taken as national information and those view points being clouded by the negativity of someone overwhelmed and overworked. Also media like to spin the worst, doctoring your words or provoking you to make a mistake so they have a better shocker to sell. Hospitals I’ve worked at before this have had these policies.

    On the flip side I do understand why people are breaking these rules and I don’t blame them. They are in a horrific situation.

    Reporters that go after tired nurses and medical staff should be grotted with cheese wire to discourage others.

  22. In times like this especially you want to be careful about patient confidentiality – so obvs erroneous stories from NHS nurses are gonna be clamped down on

  23. They should ignore this en masse.

  24. This is in-fucking-furiating

  25. Mmm, seems familiar. Put I can’t really put my finger on it.

  26. And if they do are they going to fire them? They would be foolish to fire any medical staff in this pandemic.

  27. Sending medical personnel to treat people with a deadly disease without ordinary protective gear ought to be classified as attempted murder.

    Maybe the old protective gear rules were too strict. OK. Figure out what adequate protection really is. But, whatever that level of gear is, that’s what doctors, nurses, etc. to treat people with the coronavirus, and that’s it.

    If that means that some people don’t get as much care, that’s a shame.

    ‘But it’s immoral to make health care workers sacrifice their lives, just because hospitals were too cheap and shortsighted to buy ordinary gear.

  28. And this is different from CCP silencing their doctors how? I expect transparency, not this dark BS from the NHS.

  29. Its only when chinese nurses or doctors are forbidden from speaking that a *cover up* is happening. Totally different when brits or americans do it!

  30. Nothing makes an intelligent population panic more than a cloak of secrecy thrown over critical information. Knowledge is power, so obstacles to knowledge only weaken a civilization.

  31. I don’t understand this “threat” in the current context. Fire nurses for wearing their own PPE? Fire workers for whistle-blowing re: conditions to media? Seems like go ahead. You’ll take them back eventually, on their terms.

  32. China did it too. Guess what happened to the doctors that speak up.

    Now, my guess for the States for the doctors/nurses who eventually **will** speak up is that the Federal Government will most likely paint them as traitors who abandoned their position, the people and the country.

    The people who are actually in the frontlines saving others might end up being blamed just for speaking up

  33. One thing that COVID 19 has proven

    Administrators are worse than useless. They hinder more things than if they were not there at all

  34. This is how you know that the Government is in cover up mode.

  35. The public should now what happening. They should know that we are coming in at 1/4 of what was predicted. NY was supposed to have 66K hospital beds full, and they’re currently at 17K. Death toll was >200K, now its fallen to <60K.

  36. It is very, seriously bad when politicians tell doctors what- and what not- to say.

  37. I’m all for free speech, it’s imperative, but having that been said:

    I’m so tired of these videos where a doctor, typically young and fairly attractive, is taking a selfie video crying walking down the hallway of her hospital crying that “All these patients, they have corona, we don’t have enough ventilators, I will have to choose who lives and who dies because we don’t have the equipment to save them.” In the background you can see an entire wall, full of ventilators, all bagged up and ready to go currently unused. “We’ve gotten nothing, no support, and I just can’t deal with that.”

    You’re right, you’re not dealing with it well. You’re panicking. Stop panicking, take a breath. Realize you’ve got those vents in the background right there. Then go talk to your attending about who will be making what decisions because you’re an intern.

    I’m really tired of those videos trending because too many of them quickly get debunked if they don’t do it themselves in the actual video.

    But everyone sees someone young and pretty crying to a camera and is ready to jump on the bandwagon and get their pitchforks.

  38. FUCK the Administrators and speak your damn minds!

  39. I hope they’re at least keeping detailed diaries to share after this event or when they retire. It’s not an easy thing to risk your livelihood during a time like this.

  40. I am affiliated with the NHS (have NHS staff card) and my department is asking for anyone who has time/volunteers to talk to the media and for making a documentary with the BBC or something. Otherwise they’ll start volunteering people.

  41. Health care workers are phoning in under a fake names and that to report things. Can’t believe this kind of shit is happening

  42. What are they going to do if they talk? Fire them in the middle of a pandemic when they’re desperately needed?

  43. What are they going to do, fire them?

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