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No cyber protection for Biden’s team … Trump supporters call for postponement of ratification of Michigan results, continue to question elections

The Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources that there are fears prevailing in the team of US President-elect Joe Biden, about the repercussions of not providing any cyber protection for his team during the transitional period, amid Donald Trump and his supporters continuing to question the integrity of the elections.

The newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that the federal government is providing limited support to the Biden team, in terms of securing e-mail and other means of communication.

According to the sources, there are concerns that the Biden team is being spied on by opponents of the United States, especially Russia and China, and the General Services Department usually takes responsibility for preparing email accounts for any presidential transition team, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, but the Trump administration has banned federal agencies Collaborate with Biden’s transition team.

For its part, the Twitter platform hands over the official account of the US President on its website to Joe Biden after he took the oath on the day of his inauguration, even if the outgoing President Donald Trump did not acknowledge his defeat in the elections, according to what US media reported.

Twitter spokesman Nick Basilio said in an email to Politico that the social network is “actively preparing to transfer the White House accounts to Twitter on January 20, 2021.”

He added that the process is taking place in cooperation with the Department of Archives and National Records, as it was in 2017.

All tweets posted on the official accounts of the president, first lady, and vice president will be archived before they are deleted, and the accounts will be handed over to the new administration in the White House during the day. Himself.

Trump, who has yet to admit defeat in the November 3 election, is essentially using his personal account, which has 88 million subscribers.

Like the White House account and other official accounts, the president’s official account is mainly used to re-post Trump’s tweets that he sends on his personal account.

Michigan again

At the same time, the Republican Party and the National Committee for the Party in the state of Michigan called for a two-week delay in approving the election results in the state, to allow for the scrutiny of the votes of Wayne County, the largest county in the state.

This comes after the Republican Majority Leader in the State Senate, Mike Shirky and Speaker Lee Chatfield, announced that they would follow the law and traditional procedures for members of the Electoral College in Michigan.

The two Republican officials added, in a joint statement issued yesterday after their meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, that they had not yet seen any information that might change the outcome of the elections in the state. It is noteworthy that Michigan is settled in favor of Biden.

The committee, which includes two Democrats and two Republicans, is due to meet on November 23 to validate the results and will have up to 20 days to do so.

On the other hand, and with the continued counting operations in a number of provinces, CNN reported that US television CNN said that Joe Biden expanded the margin of victory over President Donald Trump by 6 million votes, approaching the 80 million vote barrier, in a first in the country’s history.

The network added that Trump received about 74 million votes, with ballot papers still being counted in a number of states.

It is reported that Biden received 306 votes in the electoral college, while Trump received 232 votes. At a time when Trump refuses to acknowledge the result, the electoral college will vote on electing the president on the 14th of next month.

This comes while speculation abounded about Biden’s presidential team, and the American newspaper “The Hill” reported that Anthony Blinken, a veteran diplomat and advisor to President-elect Joe Biden, is considered the most likely candidate to assume the position of Secretary of State in the next administration.

The newspaper said that Biden had made his choice for the person who would take over the State Department, but he had not disclosed it yet, but a former Obama administration official confirmed that Blinken is the luckiest.


Kylie McCannani, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign, renewed her skepticism about the integrity of the presidential elections, and spoke about what she called “violations” that marred the electoral process in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, in which President-elect Joe Biden announced that the majority of votes were cast.

McNani said in an interview with “Fox News” that the judicial battle in several states continues, noting that the allegations about the integrity of the elections are real and consistent, as she put it.

Trump continues to repeat his allegations of widespread fraud, despite the successive legal setbacks he suffered in his unprecedented strenuous attempts to nullify the result.

Trump refuses to concede the loss, and seeks to nullify or reverse the results through appeals and recount in a number of crucial states, claiming without evidence of coordinated and widespread fraud, but his campaign was unable to provide any evidence.

This endeavor, described by his critics as a unique attempt by a president to refute the will of the electorate, has so far met with little success. His campaign has suffered a series of judicial setbacks and appears to have failed to persuade Republicans of lost states, such as Michigan, to believe the conspiracy theories promoted without support.

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