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No Russia lockdown as Putin puts on show of calm

No Russia lockdown as Putin puts on show of calm

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  1. I really want to see how this plays out..there are several countries not doing the china model of total lockdown…in a couple months when the actual numbers are in, I would love to see the difference in deaths/cases/recoveries and also the different economic effects of certain countries that shut down various sectors to lengthen the curve…

  2. The OJ defense does not work here (deny deny deny). And asking russia for the truth has never worked either. Remember, if you ask a liar a question, you are giving them the opportunity to lie. Guess what….. they’re going to lie.

  3. I can see a bunch of rich Russians bringing it back from their ski vacations over the last few months. It wouldn’t shock me to see this spread through the upper class Russian society.

  4. Putin is the only person on earth with a bigger ego than Trump.

  5. Have India and Russia successfully kept the virus at bay, or will they follow the same path as the US just as we are following (so far) Italy?

  6. I wonder if the difference is at least in part economics?

    * Russia is undoubtedly already being crushed by Saudi-led virus-turbocharged drop in oil prices
    * Russia’s economy was barely tottering along before these issues

    Maybe those in charge have just decided that deaths+herd immunity best bet in major cities, with perhaps some slow spread to the harsher, more rural areas?

    As terrible as having a lot of people die of disease is, economics can kill huge numbers of people when it is bad enough.

    If your medical system is not great anyway, it’s probably going down under this anyway, and if you are going to turn out to just letting the fit survive, maybe its better not to pre-kill your economy because you don’t believe you can win the health care battle anyway?

  7. I guess the Russia problem will take care of it self now.

  8. Iz only pneumonia, why you heff to be mad?

  9. The Russian Trump. Doubt he can suppress the reality anymore than Trump can.

  10. He can’t really take a different stance after he ordered Trump and Johnson to do the wrong thing.


  12. Hey, this reminds me of another world leader.

  13. The response to this pandemic has convinced me that conservatism and denial of reality are synonyms.

  14. Has anyone ever seen Vlad not being calm?

  15. So many people are going to die from this. Then again, Putin is really good at killing his own people.

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