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Normalization with Israel .. A Maghreb conference calls for a boycott of the printing press, and stands condemning Pakistan

Popular and partisan reactions condemning the normalization of Arab countries with Israel continue, after the announcement of Sudan joining both the Emirates and Bahrain in establishing relations with Tel Aviv.

The closing statement of the “Maghreb people against normalization” conference said that any recognition of the Zionist entity’s right to the land of Palestine is legally and legally invalid, and is inconsistent with the most basic rules of morality and human rights.

The conference – which was organized by the Association of Palestinian Scholars Abroad and a group of Arab Maghreb institutions from Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya – called for popular measures to reject the normalization agreements and boycott the printing houses with the Zionist entity, as it is an occupied entity, according to what the final statement said.

The same statement called on the Maghreb governments to reject the normalization agreements with the Zionist entity, and not respond to the pressure exerted by the United States.

The participants emphasized that the standing of governments with their people is the guarantee and protection for their existence, not falling into the arms of the Zionist enemy and submitting to American dictations.

The final statement stressed that Palestine is the cause of the entire nation, and that it is in the heart of every free and Muslim citizen, indicating that Palestine has a place in the hearts of Moroccans that does not reach any position at all.

Scientists, politicians, thinkers, artists and athletes participated in this conference – which was held from a distance. To mobilize Maghreb efforts to confront the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue, and in support of it, and among the participating organizations are the Moroccan Unification and Reform Movement, the Libyan House of Ifta, the Maghreb Coalition for Palestine, the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars, in addition to organizations and bodies from the five Maghreb countries.

Resentment in Pakistan

In Pakistan, politicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations and citizens condemned the steps taken by some Arab and African countries to normalize relations with Israel.

In statements reported by the Anadolu news agency, these Pakistani circles expressed their dissatisfaction with the official declaration by some Arab countries of the normalization of their relations with Israel.

The Secretary-General of the Pakistan Muslim League, Ihsan Iqbal, told the agency that the normalization of relations is linked to solving the Palestinian problem, adding that the rights of the Palestinians should not be compromised until their rights are recognized.

For his part, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, a member of the Pakistani Senate for the Islamic Group, said that the agreements reached by the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan with Israel were not normalization, but rather an occupation.

Khan described Israel as an illegal state, and said it was a threat to peace and the future of the peoples of the region.

Sudanese parties – including the People’s Congress, the National Nation, the Baath, and the Nasserite Democratic Unionist – denounced the normalization of relations between Khartoum and Tel Aviv.

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