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Not including coffee … 7 ways to improve focus

Many spend long hours facing simple tasks that can be accomplished in minutes, but despite the availability of all appropriate capabilities to complete those duties, one thing is missing from the scene, which is the focus that helps you perform the tasks efficiently. Perhaps you will resort to a cup of coffee or several cups of tea, and it will seem to you. You’re attentive enough, but you still feel distracted, it’s a state of war of thoughts on your mind that a cup of coffee alone cannot resist.

If you are looking to improve your performance at work, you can follow long-term strategies away from drinking coffee in order to enhance focus and enjoy greater activity, to ensure greater productivity in your job and in your life in general.

In his report published by the American “Lifehack” site, Aitiken Tank presented 7 scientifically supported methods that will help you improve your attention and focus.

Allow your mind to wander

Sometimes letting your mind wander can boost your activity and productivity.

All tasks require mental strength, but full focus drains a large part of the brain’s energy, and if you are always focused on just one task, your mind will work more to resist thinking about other things, and as a result, your brain fatigue will cause your focus and productivity to decline.

Psychology researchers say that intentional and planned mind wandering can improve the ability to remain active, unlike occasional daydreaming that may have the opposite effect.

The best way to take advantage of mind wandering is to use it as a strategic tool. For example, if you struggle to maintain focus, take a break by doing another task, then return to your main project.

Besides gaining a new perspective on the task at hand, it will also enable you to take the load off your mind by thinking of an item separate from your to-do list.

Sometimes letting your mind wander can boost your activity and productivity (Pixabay)

Take a break

The author pointed out that working for a long time without stopping will not guarantee fruitful results as you think, as your brain needs breaks from time to time in order to maintain its activity.

Studies show that attention is in the form of sessions, as most people cannot focus for more than 90 minutes without needing a 15-minute break.

Scientists also agree that the key to a focus-stimulating break is to completely distract your mind from what you were doing.

You have to train your mind

The author recommends engaging in cognitive-enhancing activities, such as intellectual games.

According to a study published in 2015, adults who spend 15 minutes a day 5 days a week doing mindfulness training activities such as crossword puzzles feel significantly improved focus.

Studies also indicate that practicing mindfulness and meditation are among other ways that help you train your mind to focus, while scientific research confirms that mindfulness has many health benefits that can enhance attention, focus and stimulate memory.

Get some exercise

Your brain is closely related to the rest of your body, which means that what you practice physically has a direct effect on how you feel mentally.

Exercise routines – even brisk walking or practicing yoga several times a week – are a quick and simple way to improve brain function so you can stay active at work.

But that’s not the only way exercise prepares your brain to be more productive, the endorphins released during exercise can help you control your heartbeat.

You will also notice that physical activity boosts the general physical energy levels in your body, so you will not feel sleepy at your desk.

Arrange your desk

The arrangement of things around you may have a major impact on your cognitive abilities, as a group of researchers concluded that clutter in a person’s surroundings would actually reduce the mind’s ability to focus and analyze information because it creates an additional source of distraction.

If you cannot get a full 8 hours of sleep then you should take a nap during the day (pixels)

Sleep enough hours

The author advised to be careful to enjoy an ample amount of sleep, as sleep deprivation would negatively affect your mind’s activity and focus, regardless of the number of cups of coffee you drink to wake up.

If you cannot get a full 8 hours of sleep, then you should take a nap during the day, as studies show that taking a short nap can boost your focus and charge you with enough energy to perform your functions to the fullest.

Do not rush

Hurrying to complete your tasks in the shortest possible time will not benefit you in any way.

In order to work effectively, you have to be as careful as possible in your work, as this method will not only save the time that will be wasted in correcting mistakes, but it will also preserve your ability to remain focused.

On the other hand, slowing down contributes to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system that can relieve feelings of anxiety, meaning that when you intentionally slow down your mind and body, you will not only be able to focus on the task at hand, but you will also work better with creative thinking. Solve problems at the same time.

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