Home / news / Nuclear Tomb Is Breaking Open – The Marshall Islands say that plutonium is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the concrete dome the U.S. built to dispose of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Tomb Is Breaking Open – The Marshall Islands say that plutonium is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the concrete dome the U.S. built to dispose of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Tomb Is Breaking Open – The Marshall Islands say that plutonium is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the concrete dome the U.S. built to dispose of nuclear waste.

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  1. > The U.S. has said The Tomb is now the Marshall Islands’ responsibility.


  2. > “It’s hard to imagine that the U.S. would consider its actions sufficient if the roles were reversed,” Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear historian at Stevens Institute of Technology, told Motherboard in a Twitter DM. “That somehow the world’s richest nation can’t seem to find the political will to make things right with a small, poor nation that sacrificed much in the name of American national security is a travesty. U.S. officials in the Cold War were quick to talk about how important the testing was to American survival, but somehow that importance never translated into a sincere gratitude to the suffering Marshallese.”

    This is near Bikini Atoll where we detonated the world’s second largest thermonuclear explosion, [Castle Bravo](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Bravo). We miscalculated some parameters and wound up giving these folks large wafts of nuclear fallout. This quote is also from this article:

    >“It was only a matter of two or three years before women on the island started to give birth to things less than human,” a Marshall Islands woman told diplomats on a fact finding mission decades later. Birth defects are so common on the islands that the people have a number of words to describe them, among them marlins, devils, jellyfish children, and grape babies.

    Nuclear radiation leaking into the ocean is something that should concern everyone anyway, but it’d be a big plus to try and do right by these folks.

  3. The US military who built the tomb were not told they were dealing with radioactive materials and Veterans Affairs and the Govt. refuse to pay them any sort of reparations for it. If you have in your service record that you were in Bikini Atoll you are not eligible for any sort of compensation for the horrible cancers you now inevitably have.
    Edit- this is not to discredit the suffering that is happening in the islands.

  4. Never heard of The Tomb / Marshall Islands before but wow article is like something from of a horror film, topped off with the fact the US wants nothing to do with any of it… jesus christ.

    Definitely going to spend some time googling this one.

  5. I quote from the article a fact that bears repeating every time the Marshall Islands is mentioned:

    “The Nuclear Claims Tribunal, an independent ruling body with the authority to arbitrate legal relations between the United States and the Marshall Islands, awarded the Marshall Islands $2 billion in damages in 2001. Washington has paid only $4 million.”

    The Nuclear Claims Tribunal was set up by the US to mediate the islander’s claims. The US military really fucked these people over. A lot of people now sick were deliberately mislead and asked to move back nearby the irradiated areas so that scientists could study the long term effects of radiation exposure.

  6. I was at a conference where Dr. Hilde Heine, President of the Marshall Islands, gave a keynote address. She said that the existential threat of climate change was her island’s reality. But more than that, she said, “I am scared that, when we disappear, the world will not care.”

    It would seem like their fears are now a reality.

  7. “And in the end, the stupidity, ignorance and greed of those with the most money and power will have extinguished life for all.”

  8. > According to a report from The Los Angeles Times, climate change is breaking that dome open. Rising sea levels and temperatures are cracking open The Tomb, threatening to spill nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean.

    Add it to the list. Climate mitigation is cheaper than dealing with all the numerous consequences of [6 ºC warming](https://climate.nasa.gov/faq/16/is-it-too-late-to-prevent-climate-change/).

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  9. Don’t worry bros, the dome is useless

    >The reason, according to the report, was that the radiation inside the dome was “dwarfed” by the radiation in the sediments in the lagoon. Thus a leak from the dome would be no added threat because it is dirtier on the outside than the inside.

  10. Christ, someone call the director of “Chernobyl” looks like they’ve got another documentary to start making

  11. So I wanted to trace back to the original source of the science on this to learn more on the severity of what’s going on. Here they are:

    > https://www.pnas.org/content/116/31/15425#sec-13



    Interestingly, those studies concluded that, while they are seeing elevated levels of multiple radionuclides, none of them are high enough or in the areas as inhabited islands to be the cause of the claims in this original LAT article.

    So, this part:

    >Over the last 15 months, a reporting team from the Los Angeles Times and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism made five trips to the Marshall Islands, where they documented extensive coral bleaching, fish kills and algae blooms — as well as major disease outbreaks, including the nation’s largest recorded epidemic of dengue fever.

    Seems like it has nothing to do with the nuclides. In fact, the ocean things they are seeing is more likely to be due to climate change and ocean acidification, really.

  12. Greatest Generation doesn’t like to pay its bills.

  13. > The U.S. has said The Tomb is now the Marshall Islands’ responsibility.

    What the actual fuck.

  14. They are not wrong and historically speaking this is not the first time. The last time this happened we wrote it off and said it wasn’t our problem and then granted the people of The Marshall Islands their Independence.


    So as to detract from the nuclear cesspool we left them with.


    Reading this makes me sick to my stomach. We should be there, cleaning up our long forgotten mess. None of those people deserve what they have been born into.

  15. This article deliberately makes the title sound dramatic. Many people will think that the words “is breaking open” means that the structure is already compromised and is actually leaking plutonium into the ocean. Shame on Vice for making it sound almost like it is a “concrete container leaking some green liquid into the ocean”.

    The fact is that the soil around the dome is more radioactive than the dome itself. It is a solid chunk of concrete mixed with topsoil from test sites. Even if the dome somehow completely collapses, the risk to the surrounding environment will not increase.

    However, a risk has been identified that if the sea level rises considerably, it could contaminate the groundwater. In such a case, the toxicity of plutonium is more a concern than the radioactivity. Sea levels are rising relatively slowly and the potential risk has already been identified.

    It sucks that people will confuse the rushed testing of nuclear weapons and during the cold war with modern nuclear power.

  16. Get ole Rick Perry on it! Oops.

  17. That’s a disaster. I don’t get why they have to focus on climate change as being the main culprit. Reinforced concrete only lasts 70-100 years before cracking becomes a serious issue. The Tomb is simply approaching the end of its usable life and the marine environment plays a role in speeding things up.

  18. The goal is to make Godzilla a documentary.

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