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Nurses verbally abused, spat at and even evicted for ‘spreading Coronavirus’

Nurses verbally abused, spat at and even evicted for ‘spreading Coronavirus’

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  1. People are so freaking stupid

  2. Entitled patients is how medical professionals stop giving a shit about people. You see one of them. They see hundreds of you. It takes one or two percent out of the hundreds or thousands to be assholes for them to put up a guard and start treating everyone else like a number.

  3. Real smart. Degraded the ones who will potentially save your life. I don’t understand society at all.

  4. Luckily this hasn’t happened to my (nurse) wife yet, but one of her coworkers was living with her Fiancée’s family, and they kicked her out due to fear.

    My wife says she feels like a lot of people she talks to just act like she is stupid when she tells them she is still working. Like “don’t you know the risks??!!?”

    Makes her feel judged and increases her already considerable anxiety. People are probably just trying to show concern, but if you know a healthcare professional, focus on thanking them instead of telling them to be careful or what they already know (that they are increasing their risk of infection).

  5. The government should book the closest hotel to the hospital to give them all a place to live and keep the top floor vacant for those who get sick and need to be quarantined. Hotels are closing anyway…. And then stay don’t have to commute so far and can get more rest.

  6. I’m an Emergency nurse and I can say that nurses getting assaulted was a common occurrence even before the pandemic started. Unfortunately things will probably get worse as hospital resources are overwhelmed.

  7. I’m worn out. I’m given one mask by my manager. It is my mask for the day. The doctors are afraid, which means I’m afraid. I don’t want to catch it. I don’t even know if there is a vent available for me if I do. Every day I come home and strip off my scrubs in the garage, do a naked walk up to my shower, and clip my pager to the band of my sweat pants because I’m on call. I’m going to get exposed if I haven’t already. I can’t self quarantine. I can’t look at my supervisors, shrug my shoulders and say, “welp, I just dont feel safe. See you in two weeks.” Because we’re all going through this.

    I come home exhausted, yet I can’t get a good night’s sleep. I can’t go grocery shopping because the shelves are bare from people whose companies told them they could work from home. All I needed was 2 lbs of ground beef to make a pot of goulash to get me through the next few days.

    My patience is fading. I’m normally the positive, jovial guy with a smile who greets everyone he sees. I’m short. I don’t joke around. I stopped laughing. I’ve never experienced combat, but I’m pretty sure this fear of the unknown is similar. If these stories are true, I dare someone to say something to me. I don’t even know what I would do. Do I cold cock somebody? Do I cough on them and say, “Now we’re both infected!” as I watch fear and panic come across their face? Those of us on the front lines of this are scared too, but you get to stay home. I don’t.

  8. I’m roommates with a nurse. And what she told me is not good. The gov is not doing it’s part to help the medical industry at all. Masks, ventilators,
    Face shields. There in desperate need. There actually reusing there masks with multiple patients! It’s crazy.. no one is thinking about them…. if they get sick…….. we’re screwed. Seriously.

  9. I hate these kinds of people , No respect towards others.

    Could they just be thankful that there are people who are risking their lives in the front line just to save other people instead of being with their own family.

  10. Fear combined with ignorance makes some people do dumb stuff…..but I bet they all have a good stack of toilet paper at home.

  11. Any abuse like this should really be followed up with a stint at her majesty’s pleasure. Give ’em a month in the slammer.

  12. My wife’s coworker, a nurse, was assaulted at a supermarket while being accused of spreading the virus all because she was wearing her scrubs.. Her paid cart was stolen as well. People are fucking stupid.

  13. Hate crime violence towards asians on the rise. People hating on nurses…

    Me a Korean nurse: Fuck

  14. Interesting how the article has 0 mention of it being race-related or that it could have been because the nurses were Asian, but if you click into the source video in the article that’s exactly what she attributes it to.

  15. I’d rather trust a doctor or nurse to have properly cleaned and sanitised themselves that some dirty member of the public.


  16. Should burn a Scarlet letter into these people to be remembered later.

  17. I’m sorry, but even living in another country fucking this up hard (US), I just can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t celebrate the doctors and nurses in their community, and do what we can to keep them safe. Now is the time to be making sure these people stay comfortable and supplied – if you worry about them spreading this, bring them groceries so they don’t have to do their own shopping. If you want their families safe, encourage governments to acquire hotels so HCP can work the front lines without bringing this home to their spouses and children.

    They are basically fighting this war on the front lines. What the fuck?!

  18. You spit at a nurse right now, you deserve a baseball bat to the face. Fuck these idiots.

  19. People have limits, won’t be long before those health care workers start feeling the same sentiment and give up to fend for themselves too

  20. This article didn’t even have the basic decency to recognize that the crimes were racially motivated.

  21. I got verbally abused whilst buying bread in my uniform on the way home from work in Sunday on Thursday.

    A visitor spat in the face of another staff member when being informed that a condition if entry to the ward was that they have their temperature taken.

    Good luck finding for yourselves when healthcare staff pack it in.

  22. Fuck these people. Nurses are keeping all of us alive

  23. What the fuck source is this? The article has a ton of typos in it… is this real?

  24. I mean, at this stage if people see someone spitting at or abusing a nurse or doctor then I think mob rules apply now. Like that person should just be left broken on the pavement. Maybe they survive, maybe they dont.

  25. These people are called “selfish” in an unusual way!

  26. Can we publicly shame who those landlords are?

    If they are so insistent on eviction someone who’s spreading the coronavirus, how about we let the public know who they are so they can “take some precautions”?

  27. Disrupting emergency services who work to protect the well-being and safety of society should be a serious crime. I’m sure you wouldn’t get away with this if it were done to police ! Blacklist these people from hospitals.

  28. I have a 28 year old friend who works at a nursing home as a nurse and still lives at home, or did. Her mom told her not to come back home one night after work last week for fear of being infected by her daughter

  29. The same people doing this shit are the same people who aren’t drinking Corona beer, and who are lashing out at Asian Americans.

    Why are we trying to save them again?? Oh yeah, so they don’t kill us too…what a conundrum.

  30. If you don’t want to be looked after at hospital when you are sick, this is how you don’t get looked after at hospital when you are sick.

  31. Do not fuck with the nurses. They are the ones who will make sure you survive this thing. It the doctors, and not the scientists in the lab developing a cure. You go to a hospital, and it’s the nurse who will bend until they break to make sure you get back out alive.

  32. This is absolutely horrible.

  33. How aren’t people getting arrested for spitting at people, especially during a pandemic?

  34. If only we could label these people like in a digitally in a register.. like if there was some sort of punishment for that sort of behaviour we could call it, Kraim, no that’s dumb.. chrome? How about Crime?

    And then refuse them treatment since they obviously don’t want it..

  35. People that do this need to be black balled and refused medical care.

  36. If any of those horrible people can be identified, their names should be put on a “Do Not Serve” list at all the area hospitals.

  37. Fucking animals… What a total failure of parenting

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