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Obesity is major COVID-19 risk factor, says French chief epidemiologist

Obesity is major COVID-19 risk factor, says French chief epidemiologist

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  1. I’ve dropped from a BMI of 42 to 34 so still obese but all my blood tests show massive improvement and still losing weight. I feel a lot healthier and don’t get sick anywhere near as much.
    In the UK they have stated that anyone with a BMI of 40+ should be isolating themselves in the same way as a person 70+. I’m glad I chose to get healthier when I did.

  2. The American south is fucked then.

  3. Obesity usually leads to a cluster of the comorbidies that can lead to complications with this disease. With America at something like ~~40%~~ 70 odd percent overweight or obese, and 100 million with diabetes and prediabetes, there could be a struggle in the coming months.

    These numbers are a maddening indictment of the U.S public health and lack of a strong culture of preventative medicine coupled with a weird anti-intellectualism and a health care system that is profit based and leaves those who can’t afford without an appropriate standard of care. Unfortunately a lot of western world is not far behind. Canada is a fat country, the U.K and Ireland are fat too.

    Edit: my percentage of fat people was off. Jesus fuck.

  4. I believe it. I (35f) used to be over 300lbs. My highest ever recorded weight was 320. I would get colds 2-3 times a year that would take a good couple of weeks to kick. In 2019 I had bariatric weight loss surgery at 309 lbs, I am now at 150. Not once in the last almost two years have I got sick, and I truly believe my immune system has vastly improved.

  5. I’ve known a couple people with it. The two who are healthy weight took it like a nasty cold. The one who is obese has been in the hospital 5 days

  6. Obesity is major EVERYTHING problem. There’s really zero upside to being fat.

    Edit: I stand corrected; you’re harder to kidnap. However, if they really want you, they’ll make accomodations. Also, it could be a con in the rare case they think “Well, we can’t bring him with us, so might as well kill him”.

  7. Good thing everyone’s been at home, sitting on the couch, and stuffing themselves full of snacks.

  8. I did wonder when this was going to come out. I had seen a few things that lent towards it but no one explicitly saying it. I wonder how much of it is down the bodies lowered immune system (overall health) and how much it’s about the additional strain on the heart.

  9. *The entire southern United States*


    I’m in danger.

  10. I read the headline as “French chef epidemiologist”, which just goes to show why I am obese.

  11. This is why I laughed when I saw all those Americans yelling “different demographics than China” in early February to claim that we would have a massively lower death rate.

  12. We are seeing that anedoctally a lot, in stories about young and youngish dead patients..

    Obesity is going to be adressed as a public health problem a lot more agressively after this in many countries, and I think the message will be easier to pass now.

    It is not worth doing anything about it right now, except maybe talk of it so those more at risk can be more careful at protecting themselves. Eat reasonably and healthily, be extra careful at preventing risk of infection, do not stress.

  13. Obesity increases your risk factor for literally *everything.*

  14. I hope the post-COVID world will promote getting help to employees & citizens for lifestyle changes.

  15. There was also a data point from the UK that the morbidly obese (BMI > 40) were only like 6% of deaths. I assume that the data wasn’t normalized for the populations, I’m not sure why.

  16. Shit I’m fucked if I get it this year has been awful and I thought I was finally getting ahead. At least I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last 3 months

  17. 99% of Redditors just got sweatier

  18. Well duh! . so is high blood pressure, diabetes and any other big health issue.

    Also, sitting at home is increasing these issues 10 fold.

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