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Olympic official: Tokyo is “looking at a cancellation” if coronavirus not contained by late May

Olympic official: Tokyo is “looking at a cancellation” if coronavirus not contained by late May

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  1. Cancelling and / or postponing the Olympics would be entirely understandable and a respected and responsible move given the outstanding potential for the games to provide grounds for exponentially hastening the spread of the virus.

    Having tons of people from all over the world converge in one spot, become infected, and then go back home is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Why not let each athlete perform at home via webex?

  3. If it is canceled… would that make last years “Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo2020” non-canon?

  4. *The fate of the Tokyo Olympics is expected to be decided within the next three months amid fears surrounding the spread of the novel coronavirus, International Olympic Committee member* **Dick Pound** *told the Associated Press in an interview on Tuesday.*

  5. Best option might be to just have it on the moon

  6. When facing a difficult to contain and currently spreading deadly disease I do not think it’s a good idea to promote an event that has people come from all parts of the world and crowd together into stadiums. Seems like the Olympic games could be the perfect place to get the Coronavirus to spread to nearly every country on Earth in a matter of weeks.

  7. Plague Inc. award if Coronavirus can stop the Olympics from happening. Though that will be wretched for its transmission.

  8. As someone who’s actually training for the Olympics, I fully support postponing it. A full year would be ideal. That would allow the competitive seasons of all of the athletes to continue as normal. Delaying it by a few months would kinda suck, since it would mean athletes would have to continue training longer than usual, and would disrupt next year’s season as well. Cancelling it would be devastating for many athletes. Most Olympic sports are not very lucrative unless you make the Olympic team, so taking that opportunity away after these athletes have been sacrificing so much time and effort (and some even going into debt) over the past few years would be heartbreaking.

  9. Legit question, can’t we just postpone it to 2021 or to whenever this outbreak is over?

  10. “olympic spoiler” trophy is about to unlock

  11. Feel bad for the athletes, don’t care about the IOC at all.

  12. Just have the olympics anyways, it will be like one of those chicken pox or measles parties on a massive scale. – Anti-Vaxxers, probably.

  13. My wife and I are going to Japan in May and might never get another chance. Really weighing going or not now

  14. This is a soft cancellation announcement. The organizers want to see what feedback this announcement draws. As there is zero chance the coronavirus is contained by May.

  15. I didnt even think about the Olympics so I thought the whole ass city was being canceled

  16. it’s asymptomatic in a fair number of people, long incubation, fairly contagious and low mortality in younger people…

    this will mix in with the regular cold and flu season… it’s silly to think we’ll be able to ‘contain’ it

  17. Does anyone remember those stupid articles that pop up from time to time about a time traveller from the year 20XX coming back and doing an interview etc

    I definitely remember one that predicted a bunch of things that I cant remember and one thing was that the Olympics were cancelled and trump got a second term, so we joked in the comments that if the Olympics go ahead we’ll all be safe and have nothing to worry about… eerie.

  18. It’d be great if someone knowledgeable could explain, what does “contained” mean technically?

    Right now, there are a lot of schools in Asia closed, events stopped, travel plans cancelled, but what specific criteria are they waiting for before normalization of activities? What happens if these criteria aren’t met for a long time? Surely society cannot function with all of these closures and cancellations in the longterm.

  19. Hold a world wide wii bowling tournament instead

  20. Wow, there’s a perspective for you.

    The modern Olympics have never been cancelled, except for WW1 and 2.

  21. I don’t remember Akira starting quite like this

  22. Late May is way way in the future. Hopefully there will be enough treatments that this will be a non issue.

  23. I’ll be surprised if it’s not cancelled. I’m sure plenty people will be terrified of traveling to such a huge crowd gathering in an Asian country that has had confirmed cases

  24. Legit question and I know this will get downvoted, but would cancelling the olympics really make that much of a difference? Tokyo already sees thousands upon thousands of visitors from every part of the world every day. I’m pretty sure rush hour at Shinjuku station is a much better environment for a virus to spread than sitting in a stadium. If they’re going to cancel a sports event, are they going to cancel all the football, baseball etc events too? Are they going to cancel public transport?
    Besides even if the olympics is cancelled/postponed, everyone who paid for a flight and hotel will still come for their holiday here anyway.

  25. They can still host the athletes and bare minimum staff after they go through quarantine.

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