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Oman .. A package of corrective measures and laws to support the labor market

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Omani Ministry of Labor announced the government’s intention to present a package of corrective measures and laws, including providing about 32,000 jobs for job seekers, which the government will announce during the current year 2021, in addition to strengthening the labor market with more than 10,000 training opportunities in various professional sectors in order to confront The crisis of job seekers escalating in the country.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor, Nasr bin Amer Al Hosani, said in a conference that reviewed the ministry’s executive plan, that the number of job seekers registered with the ministry amounted to about 65 thousand, most of them were females, accounting for 61%, as the government registered about 24 thousand male job seekers compared to about 41 Two thousand females, according to 2020 census results.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the new jobs offered during the current year will target replacement in some government sectors by providing 7602 jobs in the sectors of education, higher education, scientific research, the municipal sector, agricultural and fisheries, water resources, universities and government agencies.

The Omani Ministry of Labor announced a set of professions aimed at fully localizing it, including financial and administrative professions in insurance companies, auditing professions in auto agencies, accounting professions in selling new and used vehicles, sales, accounting and money exchange professions in consumer malls.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor, Nasr Al Hosani, indicated that the percentage of Emiratisation in the government sector reached 85%, which is a high percentage compared to the private sector in which the rate of Emiratisation did not exceed 13%, which contributed to a decrease in the percentage of general Emiratisation in sectors in general to about 21%.

A study announced by the Ministry of Labor confirmed that the current situation of the labor market is facing great difficulties related to the lack of a free market, dependence on expatriates, the focus on quantitative rather than national employment, the satisfaction of “full employment” in the government sector, and the high rates of job turnover due to the instability of work environments, The absence of a real private investment sector in the Sultanate, the lack of clarity of investment procedures, in addition to the arbitrary dismissal of the national workforce in the private sector due to economic conditions, especially the Covid-19 crisis.

The government’s plans seek to stop some practices affecting the labor market, including the formal resettlement of Omanis aimed at ending the procedures related to the recruitment of expatriate workers, and the transfer of the Omani workforce from one activity to another, in order to avoid the high rates of nationalization, the multiplicity of commercial records, and the lack of commitment by the private sector to the job opportunities provided .

The Omani Ministry of Labor announced a set of professions aimed at fully localizing them (social networking sites)

Incentives and facilities

With regard to the reform of laws, procedures and decisions related to the labor market, the Ministry announced that the annual quarter of this year will witness the announcement of the draft labor law and the new civil service law, in addition to drafting policies that ensure convergence between the benefits of the private and sectors, and the adoption of a number of procedures related to labor courts, Fees for issuing and renewing licenses to bring in foreign workers in some professions.

The ministry indicated its reliance on a number of facilities and incentives offered to Omani entrepreneurs, including the reduction of fees for issuing and renewing licenses to bring in non-Omani manpower to small and medium enterprises.

It is decided that the government will proceed with the abolition of what is known as the recruitment permit (permit), and the adoption of a new employment application system that deals with various recruitment cases through electronic analysis of the employment application.

The press conference of the Ministry of Labor did not disclose the true numbers of expatriates who left the country during the last period, while indications talk about tens of thousands of expatriates who have left their jobs in the country during the past six months.

The hashtag “Peaceful Gathering of Job Seekers” was published on the Twitter platform in the Sultanate of Oman last week, as the tweeters called for job opportunities and a quick solution to the job seekers’ crisis.

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