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One of the most prominent decorations in 2021 … Carpets are essential for the beauty and elegance of the home

Carpets are no longer a luxury of home décor, but a necessity; The elegance of any home is only complete with carpets that provide it with warmth and comfort, and highlight the luxury and aesthetics of home furnishings.

Carpets can be an important decorative piece, especially if it is chosen of good quality that suits the general character of the house, as it is a rich piece of art that lasts for many years, and increases in beauty and value year after year.

Also, carpets help to create an atmosphere of comfort and calm in the atmosphere by reducing noise and sound insulation, especially with the diversity of its shapes, colors and patterns that are in line with different tastes and styles of decoration, including rectangular, square, circular and oval carpets.

And expert in the field of decoration Jean Akl advises housewives to choose the appropriate carpets for the home in the winter season, and he spoke to Al-Jazeera Net about the latest designs in the world of carpets for the year 2021:

Carpets help create an atmosphere of comfort and calm in the home (pixels)

the appropriate place

Know the optimal carpet for every corner of the house; Small carpets prefer to be placed at the entrance to the house because it gives a sense of movement, and makes the guest feel welcome at the door, according to expert decorator Akl.

And if the carpet is to be placed under the dining table, it must cover the space under the legs of the chairs in the event of movement, and therefore the dimensions of the carpet must exceed the dimensions of the table by 60 cm on all sides.

The carpet under the dining table should cover the space under the legs of the chairs when in motion (pixels)

As for the carpet next to the door, it needs an empty space, so a space of about 60 centimeters must be left between the carpet and the door to prevent friction.

Akl explains that the carpets with modern patterns are made of cotton or woolen threads, and it is compatible with modern, minimalistic furnishings.

The classic furniture goes well with oriental, Caucasian and Persian carpets.

Regarding large carpets, it should be placed in the bedroom, as it gives a feeling of luxury instead of scattering small pieces of carpet.

If the upholstery is lined with patterned fabric, you should choose carpets with simple patterns or simple abstract drawings.

And in case the room is narrow, light colors should be chosen, as they are more appropriate as they give a sense of spaciousness.

The carpet designs currently required in interior decoration are varied and bold (communication sites)

Modern designs

Aql points to the multiplicity and variety of types of carpets that are suitable for the modern era, as they have come to include many varied colors, and depend on a mixture of dark and light colors to match the floor and furniture of the room, in addition to the many drawings and artistic decorations that are engraved on the carpets.

Most of the modern designs of carpets are chosen according to the color and shape of the furniture, in order to obtain compatibility between all elements, so that the room looks elegant, emulating the modern era.

Turkish carpets are famous for their good quality and are very popular for their inscriptions (Al Jazeera)

It is noteworthy that Turkish carpets are distinguished by its attractive and dazzling colors, and it is famous for its good quality, so many people accept it and choose this type of carpet because it is suitable for decorating the floors in their rooms.

Turkish carpets are also distinguished by their beautiful landscapes that give the room sophistication and beauty, as its colors vary between light green and purple, so it is very popular and is chosen as it corresponds to many different floors and types of furniture.

Breaking out of the ordinary in carpet designs is currently required in interior decoration (pixels)

A departure from the ordinary

According to Akl, many people prefer to choose new carpets and follow its latest designs, including a group of unique carpet designs that play a major role in beautifying and decorating the floors of the house, where a good choice gives an artistic and aesthetic touch to the floors of the living rooms in general and the reception rooms of guests in particular.

Modern carpets are also popular in interior decoration, which are small or medium-sized pieces that give a youthful look, and the fashion includes Indian carpets with a smooth surface and has many colors and patterns.

In addition to carpets with high or low fibers or both, and with the availability of the desired image printing technology on the pieces in general, out of the ordinary in carpet designs is currently required in interior decoration.

Classic furniture goes well with oriental, Caucasian and Persian carpets (Al Jazeera)

Contrast between carpets and decor

However, Akl stresses the necessity to choose neutral colors, such as cream, or earthy and pastel colors. As it matches all colors, with the choice of cheerful colors for the children’s room, while the living room and salons can choose brown or burgundy and navy, all of which give a sense of luxury.

In the event that the furnishings are of a modern or minimalist type (the furniture is simple in design without details), patterned carpets or modern geometric patterns can be used.

Modern carpets with cotton or wool threads are compatible with modern furnishings (pixels)

As for rooms with an oriental design, it is preferable to use “kilim” carpets (hand woven), or the flat weaving method, as it gives a distinctive Arab oriental touch, and is characterized by its geometric shapes and light weight.

It is not required that the color of the carpet be the same as the tone of the walls and the texture of the furniture, so the difference in color tones is required, according to Aql.

A contrast system can be used between the carpets and the interior decoration of the room. If the walls and furniture are simple, decorative carpets are chosen, and if the decor elements are simple, simple carpets are chosen free of complex designs in addition to the calm color.

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