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One of them is staying away from hot and prepared foods .. 9 secrets to defeat insomnia and enjoy a good sleep

If you spend a lot of time in bed without being able to sleep at night, you need to change some daily habits to get rid of insomnia and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

In a report published by the American site “Lifehacker”, writer Whitson Gordon reviews a number of tips that can help overcome sleep difficulties:

1- Do not sleep after lunch

In order to overcome the problem of delayed sleep, we should – according to the author – to start by following some steps during the day.

You will likely want to nap after lunch, but you should give up this habit as it may affect your sleep at night. Try to do any activity after eating so that you do not feel sleepy, such as washing dishes or taking out the trash.

“It is possible that a small nap may affect your desire to sleep during the night,” said Ralph Downey, chief of sleep medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California.

2- Stay away from hot and prepared foods so that you do not see nightmares, and eat dinner early

Fatty foods can strain your digestive system at night and disrupt your sleep, so avoid eating any meal two hours before bedtime.

If you get very hungry late, there are some foods that can help you fall asleep, such as bananas, oatmeal and whole wheat bread.

3- Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you sleep better at night, even if you do it in the morning.

Exercising in the afternoon helps you fall asleep at night faster and reduce the time it takes to enter the deep sleep phase. In contrast, strenuous exercise before bedtime adversely affects the body.

4- Leave work completely

Once evening falls, you should start thinking about a bedtime routine so that the body is fully ready for sleep.

The writer recommends that you prepare well for the first task that you must do the next day, and then try to forget about work completely. This may be difficult, especially if there is something important in the office the next morning, but forgetting about the duties of the job makes you more able to relax and enjoy a restful sleep.

5- Determine the ideal bedtime

The author says that the ideal bedtime should be 7 and a half hours before you wake up, and this is what enables you to get enough time for a comfortable sleep. If you find it difficult to go to bed at the right time, set an alarm on your smartphone at the set time to sleep, and try to stick to it so that it becomes our daily routine.

6- Stay away from caffeine

One of the things that can disrupt sleep and cause insomnia is caffeine. It is best to stay away from sources of caffeine as much as possible in the evening hours.

7- Do a relaxing activity

The author advises practicing a relaxing activity that stimulates the desire to sleep, such as reading books, with the need to stay away from screens of all kinds because they emit blue light, which inhibits melatonin and causes sleep problems.

8- Reducing body temperature

You may have noticed that it is much easier to fall asleep when it’s cold because your body temperature naturally drops at night when it’s time to sleep.

9- Don’t stay awake in bed

If you find you spent 15 minutes in bed without falling asleep, get up and do something else. For example, go back to reading your book, but don’t do something that makes your brain feel that it’s time to wake up.

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