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One of those arrested in connection with the storming of Congress plans to target Muslim Congressman Andre Carson


The British Middle East Eye website reported that the US authorities have seized a disturbing letter by hand targeting Muslim American Congressman Andre Carson in the possession of a Trump supporter arrested in connection with the storming of Congress last week, who stopped a truck carrying explosives near the Congress building.

The website said that the police arrested Lonnie Kaufman, 70, on January 6, and charged him with 17 charges, after they found weapons and a set of explosive devices in his truck, including 11 Molotov cocktails, some of which contain a substance similar to Napalm.

Middle East Eye stated that among the evidence presented to the court against Kaufman was a handwritten letter describing conservative and right-wing figures as “good guys,” and describing a judge appointed by the Democrats as a “bad guy.” The letter did not place African Muslim Congressman Carson In either classification, she was mentioned as one of the few Muslim members of Congress.

American attorney Michael Sherwin wrote in the case file against the accused that “the handwritten letter found in the defendant’s truck raises serious concern about his intentions, and indicates that those weapons (found in the truck) were intended to be used to violently attack our elected representatives.” For the site.

Commenting on the letter, Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, said it was extremely disturbing that the letter singled out him and identified him, and referred to the failure of the police to notify him of the threat.

Carson said in a statement, “It is extremely disturbing to learn from press reports that I was one of several people identified on my” good guys “and” bad guys “to be targeted for attacks.

He added, “These were not empty threats, but rather planned and organized preparations to destroy my life and the lives of my colleagues, and an attempt to destroy our government. Unfortunately, being a black and Muslim man who fights for equality, I was often the target of death threats by local terrorists.”

Carson called on the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, stressing that no American should ever be targeted with violence or murder for being black or Muslim, or based on his race or creed.

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