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Ontario doctors told to stop prescribing unproven drug combination touted by Donald Trump

Ontario doctors told to stop prescribing unproven drug combination touted by Donald Trump

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  1. What a stupid headline, acting like all these doctors prescribing this drug combination are only doing it because Donald Trump touted it.

  2. My mom *NEEDS* plaquenil in order to survive but you can’t find it anywhere. All the pills are going to hospitals and retarded people taking some ‘just in case’

    Edit: in my country. Im not from us

  3. This is what doctors do? Try something because they heard about it somewhere? I really hope not.

  4. Seems like the drug combination does help based on this paper published by a hospital in France. I don’t see why doctors wouldn’t try it when all else fails…

  5. Here in italy it is currently being vigoursly tested, with high hopes in can alleviate the most severe symptoms. Initial research proves promising, but unfortunately there are not enough peer reviewed studies conducted using this drug cocktail so it cannot be labled 100 percent effective at the moment. The only reason its not is because the research process is slow and requires years and huge sample sizes. We’ve only known about this virus for a few months now, so obviously that time isnt available. We know that it helps alleviate symptoms in particualary hard hit patients. We don’t know long term risks or if it works for everyone. Unfortunately in my country we dont have the time or the resources to perform these studies, so we’re mostly doing in vitro tests on patients. To clear up, this doesnt prevent or cure corona virus, merely makes the worst symptoms less life threatening

  6. News media reports good results from new unproven drug combination.

    Trump repeats news of good results reported by news media.


  7. This drug combination has been working and it being prescribed to people in Canada has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. Yet another moronic title for a story in this sub.

  8. Except it’s proving extremely effective, and government bureaucrats directing doctors what to do is evil.

  9. The criticism of Trump’s words are justified…but every headline I see is aimed at making him look wrong instead of explaining the pros and cons of the drug which is what is really important. I read people argue like idiots and yet still know very little about why it is dangerous and why it seems to be working with some individuals. All I see are political jabs from morons on both sides burying the real conversations.

  10. Aren’t we meant to collect data on a multiple drugs that can help? What happened to that project where doctors post results by WHO?

  11. A new low for the left, letting your hatred of trump getting between people in medicine.

  12. WTF would anyone take medical advice from Donald Trump?

  13. So, the big question is “are they seeing this works???” They should be reporting results to the FDA.

  14. But the shot works accirdung to NYC physicians, and the ahortage is caused by some providers hoarding it for personal use. But keeping saying Trump is full of crap. If they precribe ut to me. I’m taking it.

  15. I do clinical hours for my RN program/ work as a PCT at a major hospital in NJ that has been terribly effected by Covid…as in, half the units have been converted to negative pressure corona iso rooms out of necessity. I directly interact with positive patients every day I’m at work. Nearly every patient I have come in contact with is on a 5 day regimen of Plaquenil. This article and others like it are pure CNN-esque clickbait garbage.

  16. The key take away from this article is that there is now a shortage of these drugs that people with existing conditions need to live.

    Trump was irresponsible for his comments on these.

    Doctors are irresponsible for prescribing them to people without knowing whether they will work on COVID.

    These are the people that we have given positions of power and responsibility are letting us down.

  17. I now understand how Doug Ford won the election

  18. A doctor prescribing this combination outside of an approved clinical trial should face discipline at a minimum.

  19. My fear is that the drug combination may be helpful, but Trump is so hated that it won’t be given a chance.

  20. Because no good studies exist yet. Prescribing something that is unproven is wasteful and irresponsible especially with something that can cause deaths if used incorrectly.

  21. People getting caught up in politics when it’s politics that got us here in the first place. Both sides are equally garbage, and choosing either one of those sides is moronic.

  22. Yeah, what the hell do doctors know?

  23. Doctors are self-prescribing it, too. I’ve heard some pharmacies are making them sign a waiver to say they have tested positive for Covid-19, and they know the serious side effects of the drugs before filling the Rx. I can see how desperation would be at play here. It’s pitiful that we have this poser Trump in power who spews unproven garbage. He keeps saying that he doesn’t think this, doesn’t think that. He only thinks about his pockets and saving his arse from prosecution if he isn’t re-elected. If we retain the House and flip the Senate, he will be prosecuted even if he gets re-elected, which I find highly unlikely.

  24. If trump said you should suck the tailpipe exhaust of a diesel truck for a day, I’m hoping he says it.

  25. Unproved /= to ineffective in the real world.

    Enough said. If the only reason they are telling these doctors to stop prescribing these drugs is because Trump the Stump supports it… well, Ontario has a problem in their government.

  26. When you would rather stick it to the Orange man and have patients go ahead and die rather than the orange one be right about anything. Trump should have kept his mouth shut and left the doctoring to doctors.

  27. “Necessity is the mother of invention” should not be implemented during times like this. Proven, thoroughly evaluated, vigorously tested treatment is what is needed now. Not medieval concoctions brewed in the hopes of a medical breakthrough.

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