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Opinion poll in 6 Arab countries .. Great support for Erdogan and a positive view of China vis-à-vis America

An opinion poll conducted by the Arab Barometer in 6 Arab countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, and Jordan) revealed the popularity of the United States and China, and the great support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, compared to the presidents in America and Russia.

The United States and China

The results show that the respondents generally prefer China, as it is viewed positively by half or more in 3 countries, namely Algeria (60%), Morocco (52%) and Tunisia (50%), while a third or more view it positively. In Lebanon (43%), Jordan (35%), and Libya (34%).

In comparison, less than a third hold a favorable view of the United States in the six countries, ranging from 28% in Morocco to 14% in Libya.

On the economic side, relatively few of the respondents see China as a major economic threat, as 26% of the Lebanese believe that Chinese economic intervention is a serious threat, followed by the Tunisians (21%) and the Algerians (13%).

In contrast, Arabs are much more concerned that the economic power of the United States poses a serious threat to their country, including 47% in Lebanon, 43% in Tunisia, and 31% in Algeria.

But Moroccan respondents expressed equal concern from the two countries.

Despite concerns about the economic strength of the United States, many citizens have positive views of US foreign aid.

Fifty percent of the respondents in Lebanon believe that US foreign aid strengthens civil society, compared to 46% in Tunisia, 41% in Morocco, and 40% in Jordan.

Meanwhile, the Algerians and Libyans expressed somewhat doubts about the motives behind the US aid.

Popularity of the bosses

The poll showed that 12% of Arab citizens support Donald Trump’s policies in the region, compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who received a support rating of about 28%.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received the support of 51% of the respondents, compared to about a third of the respondents who believed that the Chinese president was liked.

According to the results, the respondents in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Algeria preferred Joe Biden’s victory over Trump’s re-election.

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