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Othmani calls on Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf to return to Morocco

The Moroccan Prime Minister called on the Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party, Saad Eddine El Othmani, the Sahrawi refugees, whom he described as brothers and families in Tindouf (southwestern Algeria), to return to their homeland, Morocco.

In a communication meeting that took place yesterday evening, Saturday, via video technology, with members of his party that leads the government coalition, Othmani expressed his hope for the end of the Sahara conflict, which dates back to the remnants of the Cold War, as he put it.

Regarding the Sahrawi refugees residing in Tindouf, he said, “We must not forget that we have families in the camps in Tindouf. They are ours. We are keen for them and for them to return safely to their homeland, and he always opens his chest to them,” according to his official Facebook account.

He stressed that the world today is one of agglomerations, not division and division.

Othmani also said that cutting the international road to Guerguerat with Mauritania earlier this month, was a violation of the ceasefire agreement signed by Morocco with the United Nations in 1991.

Peaceful operation

During the same meeting, the Moroccan Prime Minister affirmed that his country had made all diplomatic and political efforts to open the way, before it intervened through a military operation, which he described as peaceful, to restore the situation to normal.

He was referring to the operation that the Moroccan army carried out after the Polisario Front closed the road linking the two sides of the crossing on the Moroccan and Mauritanian sides.

Rabat confirmed that its forces secured the road completely, while the Polisario Front announced the end of the ceasefire, and spoke of attacks on Moroccan sites in the buffer zone.

But the Moroccan prime minister made it clear – in a previous interview with Reuters – that only sporadic skirmishes and clashes occurred, stressing his country’s commitment to the ceasefire.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, Othmani said during a hypothetical meeting with supporters of the Justice and Development Party yesterday evening that Moroccans have supported Palestine for centuries.

He added that the Kingdom supports the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinians whenever it is subjected to digestion and abuse.

Al-Othmani stressed his country’s position on Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine.

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