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Our discussions with the Qatari leadership are fruitful and constructive

Vice Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, “Hemedti”, said on Monday that his talks with the Qatari leadership will have positive results on the future of the two countries’ relations.

He wrote in a blog post on his Facebook page, “We returned to the country today after a successful visit to the sisterly State of Qatar, accompanied by the Foreign Minister-designate Omar Qamar al-Din and Director of Intelligence Jamal Abdul-Majeed.”

“During which we discussed the future of relations between the two countries and common issues,” he added. “Our discussions with the Qatari leadership were fruitful and constructive, the results of which will be reflected in the future of relations between the two countries,” he added.

Hemedti arrived in Qatar on Saturday, the first visit by a high-level Sudanese delegation to Doha since Omar al-Bashir was removed from the presidency in April 2019.

During the visit, Hemedti met with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and a number of officials in the Qatari government.

Hemedti’s visit to Doha comes as part of a diplomatic campaign carried out by Khartoum to clarify its position for Arab and African countries regarding the negotiations of the “Renaissance” dam, which is facing stalemate and border tension with Ethiopia, according to what the Sovereignty Council announced in mid-January.

Sudan faces persistent economic difficulties, which were the cause of the outbreak of popular protests that forced the army leadership to dismiss Bashir.

Qatari investments in Sudan are estimated at $ 3.8 billion, according to the Sudanese Ministry of Investment, as Qatar ranks fifth among the countries that invest in the country.

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