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Our forces recaptured most of the land on the border with Ethiopia

Sudanese Information Minister Faisal Mohamed Saleh confirmed that his country had regained control of most of the territories that were subject to militias from Ethiopia, near the border between the two countries.

In statements to Reuters, Muhammad Saleh said, “We believe in dialogue to solve any problem, but our army will do its duty to regain all our lands. Currently our army has regained between 60 to 70% of Sudanese lands.”

He stressed that the Sudanese forces moved in defensive mode, explaining that the clashes had stopped during the past two days.

He said, “Sudanese intelligence reports confirmed that the organization, training and arming of the forces that attacked him (the army) were not a militia, but regular forces.”

Tensions have escalated in the border region since the outbreak of the conflict in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia in early November and the arrival of more than 50,000 refugees in eastern Sudan.


The disputes centered on agricultural land in Al Fashaqa, which lies within the international borders of Sudan, but which has been settled by Ethiopian farmers for a long time.

There have been armed clashes between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces in recent weeks, and each side has accused the other of inciting violence. The two countries held talks this week in Khartoum on the issue.

Prior to the talks, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Demiki Mekonnen said that the Sudanese army launched attacks that began on November 9.

“The agricultural products of Ethiopian farmers are being looted, their camps are being destroyed, and they are prevented from reaping the fruits of their farms. A number of civilians have been killed and injured,” he added.

Earlier, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that parties with ulterior motives bear responsibility for “stirring up hostility and suspicion between the two peoples.”

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