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Our people are shackled and Israel will penetrate the Arabs in the media and economically

Emirati journalist Hamad Al Shamsi, a member of the Emirati League for Resisting Normalization with Israel, said that the absence of another voice in the UAE regarding normalization is due to the security policy pursued by the authorities for about 10 years.

The UAE and Bahrain signed, in Washington in mid-September, two agreements to normalize their relations with Israel, ignoring widespread Arab popular rejection, in light of the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine and other Arab lands.

Al-Shamsi added, in an interview with Anadolu Agency, that the UAE authorities have enacted laws that directly criminalize objecting to their policies, with penalties of up to 10 years in prison and a million dirhams ($ 272,000) fine.

He continued, “The Emirati people are internally shackled, and cannot express their opinion if they are against the state’s policies, and the authorities have arrested many people of other opinion.”

Peoples with Palestine

Al Shamsi stressed that the people of the Gulf countries were and still are in favor of the Palestinian cause, stressing that the Emirati people were the ones who organized festivals in support of the first Palestinian uprising against the occupation in 1987, and went out in many activities, in support of Palestine and denouncing the aggression of the Zionist entity (Israel).

Regarding Abu Dhabi’s goals of normalization with Tel Aviv, Al Shamsi says, “It is difficult to define one benefit for the UAE from this agreement, but the matter can be explained politically. Israel and the UAE intersect in joint projects, the most important of which is opposing the Arab Spring revolutions, especially in Egypt, in addition to a relationship. The two countries are hostile to Iran. These projects could explain the UAE’s enthusiasm for the agreement. “

Emirati officials bidding farewell to the Israeli delegation that visited Abu Dhabi shortly after the announcement of normalization (agencies)

And he went on to say, “There is another dimension, which is that the Israeli Mossad (foreign intelligence) has been working in the Emirates for many years, and this is what (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu referred to in one of his tweets.”

And stresses that the work of Israeli intelligence in the Emirates for years is sufficient reason for the ability of the Mossad to penetrate the political and security decision in the Emirates, and “they are skilled at that, which resulted in such an agreement.”

Israel is the biggest beneficiary

The Emirati journalist believes that Israel is the main beneficiary of this agreement, and that it is making gains through it several. He explained that one of the most important gains of Israel is to penetrate the Arab world in general and the Gulf in particular in the media, taking advantage of the Emirati capabilities in this, as the UAE has media tools that enjoy follow-up in the Arab world.

He continues that the UAE has enabled Israelis to appear on these (TV) channels, addressing the Arab street and promoting their projects, trying to penetrate Arab consciousness, reproduce and present themselves in a good way.

Al Shamsi warned that the danger lies in the fact that these Emirati media capabilities do not allow anti-Israeli opinion to appear on its channels, with the aim of correcting and correcting what the Israeli is trying to market.

The Israeli plane that landed in the UAE shortly after the normalization agreement was announced (agencies)

He considered that the Emirati people in particular, and the residents in them in general, possess high purchasing power, and these markets will be of interest to Israeli goods, which would enhance the strength of the Israeli economy.

He continued, “In addition to the UAE’s ability to re-export these products to the Arab world, taking advantage of the agreements it links with Arab countries, such as the customs exemption agreement and others.”

Al-Shamsi also believes that the agreement will put Israel forward on borders opposite the Iranian border, just as Iran is located in Lebanon and Syria on the Israeli borders, so Israel is now located on the Iranian borders, through the Emirates and Bahrain.

He stressed that “the relationship between Israel and the Gulf is developing rapidly, and I do not rule out that it will extend to an Israeli military presence in it, under the pretext of support in protecting the Gulf from Iran.”

He warned that through the umbrella of overt commercial and economic action, the Israeli intelligence services could be active in recruiting agents to spy on the Gulf and Arab countries.

He indicated that this could develop to penetrate more political and security decisions in the Arab world, which makes it imperative for all peoples of the region, not just the Gulf, to stand against this normalization, as its impact and repercussions are not exclusive to the Gulf, but will extend to the Arab world in general.

Boycott of the printers

Al-Shamsi stressed the importance of the role of peoples in the region, “they must send a message to all the printing countries and their affiliated companies that this normalization will directly tax them.”

And he added, “I call on free peoples in general to boycott all the Emirati and Bahraini companies that are printing with the Zionist entity.” He stressed that the economic boycott is the most powerful weapon the people have, and it has a direct impact on the typists.

He concluded by saying that there must be a clear message that if the “typists” open a door with 5 million Israelis, it will be met by closing the doors of hundreds of millions of Arabs and free people who reject the Israeli aggression.

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