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Over the moon, he returns the Egyptian dubbing to Netflix … and the public is calling for Henedy’s return

After the success of the Arabic dubbing experiment in the Egyptian dialect of the animated movie “The Willoughbys” – which was shown on Netflix last April – Netflix returns to surprise its fans with a new Egyptian dubbing and an animated movie that will be shown on October 23 next entitled ” Over the Moon.

“Over the Moon” is an American-Chinese musical film, produced in 2020 and directed by Oscar-winning Glenn Kane, and it belongs to the category of adventure and comedy and tells about a young woman with a passion for science and knowledge, which she uses in an unexpected adventure, as it is decided to build a spacecraft to launch to the moon on a trip Mythology turns her life upside down.

“Over the Moon” is an American-Chinese musical film produced by 2020 (Netflix)

Believe in your dreams

The Netflix platform had launched the main song of the movie last Friday, which was attracted by the Egyptian actress Carmen Soliman and the song “Rocket for the Moon”.

For her part, Carmen shared her audience with her impression of the experience, as she announced her happiness in collaborating with Netflix, and choosing from among all Arab and Egyptian talents to represent Egypt and the Middle East.

This project is Carmen Suleiman’s second experience in the world of Arabic dubbing and put her mark on an animated film, preceded by “Moana”, which was released in 2016 and was nominated for two Oscars, in which she collaborated with Disney to present his Arabic version in which she sang the song “I Am Moana” .

Heneidy’s return

With the presentation of the teaser ad for the Arabic version of the movie “Over the Moon”, the star Mohamed Heneidy only shared the advertisement with his fans on his personal Facebook page, expressing his happiness over the revival of the dubbing in the Egyptian dialect for international films through a powerful platform the size of Netflix, before asking the audience about His opinion of such a huge event.

This was followed by thousands of comments in support of the move, and Henedi demanded himself to return to the forefront of the ranks of the dubbers, especially since he had always contributed to dubbing important and memorable films, perhaps the most famous of which was the role of “Mard and Shushni” in the movie “Monsters, Inc” and the character “Timon” In “The Lion King” and “Timon and Pumbaa”.

It is noteworthy that the “Disney in Al-Masry” page had announced last March its intention to assign the title of the animated movie “Onward” to Henedy, where he would play the main character at work, after the latter’s statements that he would soon return to the world of dubbing, in conjunction with dubbing The Willoughby Family.

Egyptian dubbing

Despite Henedy’s fame in the dubbing field – whether because of his distinctive and cheerful tone of voice, which the audience describes as a cause of joy or even his eternal evils – he is not the only one that the audience fell in love with.

Among the stars who engraved their names with golden water in the world of dubbing in the Egyptian dialect is the artist Sami Maghouri, one of the most beloved roles for the hearts of adults and children ever, and the role of “Shalabi Slovan” in the movie “The Company of the Terrified Ltd.”, which is the same movie in which Al Jamhoud enjoyed the artist’s voice. Hanan Turk as “Sally”, and the able artist Soraya Ibrahim as “Madame Rose”.

And we cannot forget the star Abla Kamel in the role of “Al Samaka Dori” in the movie “Looking for Nemo”, and the star Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra in the role of “Scar” in the movie “The Lion King”, and “Jafar” in the movie “Aladdin”, and finally the artist. Al-Qadeer Yahya Al-Fakharani and the role of “Woody” in the “Toy Story” series of films.

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