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‘Overseas Chinese’ urged to be more vocal in support of Beijing, says Chinese cultural historian

‘Abroad Chinese language’ urged to be extra vocal in help of Beijing, says Chinese language cultural historian

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  1. they are already bullying everyone in countries all over the globe. what the hell, does “china one” mean the whole planet now?

  2. Beijing is a cesspool of hatred right now. They murder their own people and lock up anyone who questions the existing governance. Xi is right to be scared, as his own people will hang him once they wise up to his intentions.

  3. If they want to support China, what better place to do that than in Beijing.

    Time to cancel the 10 year multiple entry visitor visas.

  4. Your grandfather and grandmother and your aunts and uncles (no evil uncles) and your cousins and your mother and father living in Shenzhen also “urge” you to be more supportive of Beijing!

  5. The Chinese regime jerks its long, long chain.

    China is a bully and the world is watching. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all it’s doing

  6. I suppose the silver lining here is that the oppressive totalitarian regime realizes they have a popularity problem. Now if it will only lead to change and freedom…

  7. And they better do as they are told or their social scores will suffer. They may even be denied permission to travel.

  8. Nationalism will bring us victory!

  9. Thats going to be the main point of the Social Credit system. Force every Chinese citizen, or family of Chinese Citizens to be Party propaganda agents.

  10. I guess it’ll make it easier to identify and shame them.

  11. Vocal is fine, anything else, home you go, no come back either.

  12. The same overseas Chinese whose families at home who will be picked up by jackbooted thugs the second they don’t.

  13. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/overseas-chinese-urged-to-be-more-vocal-in-support-of-beijing-says-chinese-cultural-historian) reduced by 86%. (I’m a bot)
    > Vancouver saw duelling protests over the weekend as two events organized by pro-Hong Kong supporters at Broadway-City Hall SkyTrain Station and outside the Chinese consulate drew a vocal contingent of counter-protesters waving Chinese flags.

    > "We know the consulate is encouraging the pro-government segment to be more vocal," said Leo Shin, a Chinese cultural historian and professor at the University of B.C. "It is very difficult to prove, but we know that the Chinese consulate has been cultivating ties among the various Chinese community organizations in Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada.”

    > The Chinese Communist Party has been frank about calling on support from ethnic Chinese residents living in other countries, which Beijing considers "Overseas Chinese.”

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  14. Too bad nobody takes them seriously.

  15. As far as I am concerned, let them. It only reflects bad on China and it’s people. Makes them seem like oppressive brainwashed pawns.

  16. Let them gather then round them up and deport them. No place for anti-democratic groups in Canada. Theey need to be deplatformed and removed.

  17. A self-defeating approach: it will only reduce the acceptance of local Chinese populations, and China itself, by other nations.

    One wonders if becoming ever more confrontational and provocative is actually part of China’s grand strategy.
    After building up their armed forces for decades now, maybe they finally want to see a return on that investment? Like for example by being able to bully other countries with impunity…

  18. I’m pretty far Left but even I am reaching for the ‘deport’ button

  19. Beijing urged to be more supportive of China’s culture and history says ‘Overseas Chinese’

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