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Pakistan demands Google and Wikipedia to remove content offensive to Islam

On Friday, the Pakistani authorities called on the US company Google and the Wikipedia platform to remove content it considered “offensive to sacred things” that was published on their sites.

The Pakistan Communications Commission said – in a statement – that it had received complaints about “misleading search results” on Islam, and uploading a distorted copy of the Holy Quran to the Google App Store.

And the Communications Commission of Pakistan added that, “Given that it is a matter of a very serious nature, the Pakistan Communications Commission has provided directions to Google to remove illegal content immediately.”

The commission also indicated that it had received complaints regarding the publication of cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as well as the publication of misleading and wrong information about Islam in articles on the multilingual Wikipedia site.

The commission confirmed – in its statement – that after extensive communications about the issue, Wikipedia has been notified to remove the offending content to avoid any legal action.

The TRA notified the two platforms under the “Removal and Banning of Illegal Online Content” laws of 2020 to remove content that constitutes Internet profane.

It also confirmed that in the event that the two platforms continue to not comply, the authority will begin taking further measures under the Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Law of 2016, in addition to the laws of 2020.

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