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Pakistani ‘hero’ doctor who led fight against coronavirus dies

Pakistani ‘hero’ doctor who led fight against coronavirus dies

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  1. So he didn’t show symptoms and then fell asleep. Went unconscious and died soon there after. This is like the case with the 39 year old women from Oregon. Kind of fine, then went unconscious and died. Weird.

  2. I think we all know who Person of the Year is going to be for everyone across the world.

    Our Medical Professionals.

  3. when doctors and nurses die from this is it because there isn’t a treatment or because medical professionals ignore their own health until it is too late?

  4. So young and handsome. RIP.

  5. Salute to our soldiers in the medical field, regardless what their job is.

    Doctors, nurses, janitors.


  6. And then Trump wants everybody back to work ? What a hellish difference.

  7. Why ‘hero’? He was a hero… without the ‘

  8. I knew him personally through a mutual friend. It’s sad but heroic at the same time.

  9. This guy gave his life for us. Please stay home!

  10. Looks good for a 75 year old. Us youngins got nothing to worry about.

  11. Rest In Peace, brother.

  12. Truly tragic. When I read multiple stories of brave and selfless individuals like this, and then think of that old Darwinism adage “only the strong survive”, it makes me think maybe its only the rescued survive, while the strong died saving them.

  13. Some heroes don’t wear capes

  14. People say it’s just a flu but this man looks in his prime.

  15. Wow so young healthy people don’t stand a chance either?

  16. There is no need for a quote around the word hero.

  17. Sure are losing a lot of doctors.

  18. This reads hard like a fake story

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