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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to overtake Heathrow as Europe’s top, just as UK leaves EU

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to overtake Heathrow as Europe’s top, just as UK leaves EU

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  2. Paris CDG will handle 80 million passengers this year, But only 18 pieces of luggage.

  3. Of course it’s is, Heathrow is at maximum capacity and can’t grow, CDG have two more runways. It’s also a void from which luggage never returns and living proof that one object can be in two places at once as you go between gates trying to find your flight.

  4. Love CDG! Nothing like boarding a transcontinental via the stairs at the rear of the plane right after a bus tour of the entire airport.

    Edit: I forgot – when I asked for a water fountain I got “Oh! you want FREE water?”

  5. Ugh CDG is a nightmare airport.

  6. For ease of use I would rank the four big Eurohubs AMS > LHR > FRA > CDG. Heathrow means long walks and sometimes tedious transfers but it’s not a bad or uncomfortable place to spend time. FRA means a lot of bus gates and standing on the ramp in the rain IME, and CDG seems designed to repel passengers.

  7. Ive flown to 20+ countries and CDG definitely has the most consistently rude staff throughout. Everyone from the check in agents to security to gate agents, theyre all dicks. I think that’s the main job requirement when getting hired there: “Are you a dick? Welcome aboard!”

  8. CDG is a nightmare of an airport. Can be stuck there for 12 hours with no access to a shower.

  9. CDG is one of the most unpleasant capital airports in Europe.

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  11. CDG, the only airport I’ve been so far in which the immigration officers don’t speak a word in english. Last time the guy gave me his phone on Google fucking Translator to speak with him.

  12. Gross. CDG airport is a poorly organized shithole. Only reason I ever use it is because of how much cheaper it is to fly into Paris than any other surrounding country. I quickly learned why it is so cheap. Cause it’s a dump.

  13. Just as de Gaulle would have liked it!

  14. Aka The Black Hole for Luggage

  15. I would be happy if I never had to go through CDG ever again.

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  17. Whaaaat?

    CDG is a shittier shit show than Heathrow.

    **Come on Schiphol, where are you?**

  18. CDG airport is one of the worst airports I’ve ever flew to and from, avoid like the plague would be my advise. Go to the smaller airports.

    So what a shit story as usual by the “independent”. Heathrow cant grow, CDG can grow. So no shit sherlock. No idea how the independent is still allowed on the sub, it isnt even news it just panders.

  19. It’s so nice to see everyone agreeing in a thread on reddit.

    Even if it is to shit on CDG.

    Not that I disagree.

  20. I love how everyone here is shitting on CDG. Making me excited for when i go there.

  21. Is that because more businesses will be located there, or are they just going there to say helo?

  22. I’ll save my bread and take it with me
    ‘Til a hundred years or so
    Shame you won’t be there to see me
    Shakin’ hands with Charles De Gaulle

    Play it cool and saran wrap all you can
    Be a 30 century man
    You can freeze like a 30 century man
    Like a 30 century man

  23. I followed the signs for my transfer at CDG and somehow ended up outside the airport. And apparently I did go the right way. Fun!

  24. De gaulle is the worst airport ive ever been in. Love the need to take a bus to get to different wings

  25. CdG is the third circle of travel hell. period.

  26. From one horrible airport to another. Both those airports suck a big floppy donkey dick.

  27. CdG is a abomination of an airport!

    I’d take a longer trip via rail and enter/exit pairs via Gare du Nord than go through CdG again!

  28. That’s fkn retarded. It’s such a shit airport.

    They should use Schipol, it’s a million times better

  29. Both LHR and CDG are on my avoid-if-possible lists. The potential for a very stressful transfer is high for both.

  30. Never understood why CDG makes their inclined escalators so steep. I guess it’s “art” but it sure is difficult to walk on.

  31. I would avoid CDG at any cost.

  32. And idiot Macron wants to privatize it… SMH

  33. During a viral outbreak they can keep that crown of being the busiest and as such most dangerous for a viral outbreak.

  34. the brits should let the french be in charge of them again

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