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Peace agreements are good for security, heart and pocket

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the peace agreements with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan so far are good for “security, heart and pocket,” as he put it, adding that more Arab countries will join the path of normalization.

Netanyahu made it clear that a high-level Israeli delegation will travel to Khartoum soon to complete the agreements with Sudan.

And he considered that the normalization agreements with the Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan put an end to the geographical isolation that Israel was suffering from, shorten the duration of flights and reduce their costs.

“We are changing the map of the Middle East,” the Israeli official said in a televised statement in Hebrew, using charts showing the route of the flights.

He explained that the flights through Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE would save passengers heading to India and other Asian destinations “hours and of course a lot of money.”

Sudan became the third Arab country, since August, to announce the normalization of relations with Israel, after the UAE and Bahrain.

At the beginning of the year, Netanyahu met with Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, in Uganda.

Netanyahu confirmed that other countries would normalize relations with Israel. He said that the rapprochement with Sudan would be beneficial to the Israelis who want to cross the Atlantic.

“We can fly west over Sudan according to the agreements we made before the announcement of normalization, and over Chad, with which we have established relations with Brazil and Latin America,” he added.

“Israel was completely isolated … Israel today is in contact with the entire world,” Netanyahu added.

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