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Peace through Chocolate .. The last dramatic role of Hatem Ali in Canada

The discussion about the late Syrian director Hatem Ali continues to occupy the people and occupies the forefront in the media and communication sites, at a time when viewers are accepting to follow his prominent television works, which many recently discovered are from his signature.

Few of those who watched know that the last drama that the late Ali participated in was the film “Peace by Chocolate” in Canada, by presenting the role of a Syrian refugee who deported to Canada amid the conditions of war and displacement in Syria.

The Hodhod family

The film depicts the success story of a Syrian family who fled the ravages of the war in Damascus to Lebanon, before deporting to Canada as part of the immigration program, which chooses from time to time Syrian families from the countries hosting the Syrians.

The Hodhod family was able to prove its presence by opening a chocolate factory in Canada in 2015, and completing a course of work that it started in the Syrian capital (Damascus), where its largest factory in the Middle East for the manufacture of chocolate was destroyed, as a result of the bombing of the warplanes, during the battles between the Syrian opposition and the regime. Syrian in Damascus and its countryside.

The family’s success in opening the chocolate factory has become the talk of the Canadians and their government. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about it in a speech at the United Nations, describing it as an “example of integration”, in his speech at the United Nations Immigration and Asylum Summit, which was hosted by New York in Earlier.

Later, the family received the Good News Awards in 2016, which is an award given to successful and distinguished human stories in Canadian society, according to the film.

The Hodhod family won the “Good News Awards” in 2016, which is awarded to owners of successful human stories (communication sites).

Late role

Syrian actress Yara Sabri says that she played the role of Shahnaz, while the late Hatem Ali played the role of father Issam Hodhod, and the Syrian artist Ayham Abu Ammar played the role of son Tariq, and the Syrian artist Najla Khumri played the role of Tariq’s sister Alaa, in addition to the presence of a number of Canadian actors.

Sabry added that the late Hatem Ali was very concerned about his performance of the character, and he asked a lot about what he presented as an actor and performer of the role of Father Essam.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Sabri indicated that the film is in English and Arabic, and is produced by Canadian and directed by Canadian director Jonathan Kejisr, noting that there are great differences and differences in the style of filming and the atmosphere of cinematic work in Canada from Syria and the Arab world, especially in the selection of actors for the role and the process of auditioning each character.

Dramatic posts

Artists and colleagues describe the late Ali as a friendly, transcendent character, which explains his many contributions to works that he directed with roles and dramatic characters who did not carry the lead role.

Perhaps the most prominent participations of the late Ali in the works that he directed are the series Mirrors 98-99, the performance of the character Rushdie in the prominent historical series Palestinian alienation, the role of Samih in the contemporary drama series Tears Sticks, and the role of Nawras in the series The Godfather.

The departure of director Hatem Ali in Egypt at the end of last year was a major shock in Syria and the Arab world, and a state of sadness prevailed among the spectrums of the Syrian people, regardless of their political orientations, as everyone agreed on the loss of an exceptional director whose counterpart was less.

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