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Pence rejects the use of the 25th amendment to the constitution to impeach Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence affirmed that he opposes resorting to the 25th amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office, saying that he did not bow to the pressure of last week nor will he now to lawmakers.

Pence said in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “With only 8 days remaining in the president’s term, you and the Democratic bloc are asking me and the government to activate the 25th amendment” to the constitution, which allows the vice president to decide, in conjunction with the majority of ministers, to remove the president if they find it. Unable to bear the burdens of his position.

“I do not think that such a measure would be in the interest of our nation or in line with our constitution,” he added.

Pence continued by saying that activating this amendment of the constitution is not a means of punishment, and would lead to the establishment of a “horrific precedent”, urging in the same context Pelosi and other lawmakers to avoid steps that would contribute to further division.

Pence stressed that he did not yield to pressure last week to exercise power outside his constitutional powers, adding, “I will not yield now to legislators to practice political games.”

Before heading to the Alamo, Trump had condemned the isolation measures targeting him, describing them as “totally ridiculous” and causing “tremendous anger” throughout the United States.

Pelosi confirmed Monday that Republicans are “endangering America” ​​by “colluding” with Trump, who accuses him of “inciting a bloody rebellion against America”, against the backdrop of the Capitol building events.

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