Home / news / Pentagon calls on Turks to halt “impulsive” Syria assault and says U.S. is “not abandoning” Kurds. The Turkish government, a NATO ally, says it’s clearing the area of terrorists. But more and more, it’s starting to look like a campaign of ethnic cleansing, CBS News’ Charlie D’Agata reported.

Pentagon calls on Turks to halt “impulsive” Syria assault and says U.S. is “not abandoning” Kurds. The Turkish government, a NATO ally, says it’s clearing the area of terrorists. But more and more, it’s starting to look like a campaign of ethnic cleansing, CBS News’ Charlie D’Agata reported.

Pentagon calls on Turks to halt “impulsive” Syria assault and says U.S. is “not abandoning” Kurds. The Turkish authorities, a NATO ally, says it is clearing the world of terrorists. However an increasing number of, it is beginning to appear to be a marketing campaign of ethnic cleaning, CBS Information’ Charlie D’Agata reported.

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  1. “Not abandoning the Kurds”

    Right, it’s the past tense now, you *abandoned* the Kurds, and now you want credit for wringing your hands *afterwards*.

    Fuck. This. Administration. And. Senate.

  2. “US government closes door after horse has bolted”

  3. >An “impulsive” decision by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to invade northern Syria will further destabilize a region already caught up in civil war, and it puts America’s Syrian Kurdish partners “in harm’s way,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday.

    How impulsive is it if it got the go ahead from Trump?

  4. And there you thought the US couldn’t make an eben bigger mess out of the Near East. This is bringing geopolitical failure to a new level.

  5. This is the second time in a week or so that I’ve seen the Pentagon issuing it’s own statements apart from the WH.

    It’s almost as if the real men and women behind the force and might of the US are saying, “No, fools. America ain’t goin’ nowhere, not on our watch.”

    Or at least that’s my hope. Save the Kurds.

  6. Turkey doing an ethnic cleansing? Where have I heard that before…

  7. I read the article and it says nothing about ethnic cleansing . Though i read another ariticle from amnesty international .


  8. In defense of the Pentagon, they most likely do not agree at all and are doing their best to be loyal to the government but also express how they can their feelings.

  9. I really have the feeling most people ride *western media’s* dick when it comes to this issue. I wonder how many of you are living in Turkey or have first/second hand experience about this. It’s so easy to point fingers to Erdogan when in fact the Turks have been at war with PKK and co. for years, and it makes sense that they want a buffer zone to protect against attacks. Throughout history there have been many attacks in Turkey from this organization and just because they helped fight against IS doesn’t make them good all of a sudden. I am totally against killing civilians, but to my knowledge that is not the case. It’s so easy to say that it looks like ethnic cleansing, but really try to understand the context and history of this. I hope this situation can come to an end for both the Kurdish and Turks, but I doubt it will..

  10. What’s the difference between genocide and ethnic cleansing?

  11. Turks exterminating people they dislike and think are beneath them. This isn’t a repeat of the last five centuries.

  12. Bring USA Troops home from the mid east!

  13. I mean, it’s the same exact excuse the US uses when they kill civilians, not sure why people are getting outraged now.

  14. those kurds are supporting pkk though, who the hell makes up the ethnic cleansing lies? damn us media

  15. Anyone who lives in Turkey and not brainwashed by nationalistic propaganda knows that 1: it is a tool for RTE to create an illusion of a leader who is trying to protect the people so that he can get the votes for the next election. 2: an ethnic cleansing of a group who generally opposes his autocracy, by which he aims to get the votes of the nationalistic idiots. And 3: waging war against the “kurdish terrorists” who have been used for political agenda since the 80s and the ISIS so that he has a reason to do 1.

  16. I’m incredibly surprised by how Americans trust their media blindly. Now everyone is an expert on terrorism. I too don’t even remotely like Tayyip but you guys got to understand, WE ARE NOT KILLING KURDS, the Turkish army is here to purify the area from the terrorists. The same terrorist that American Government supplied and trained for decades. This is our 3rd time doing this and no civilians or kurds got hurt. Go in, purge the border, go out. This is not a war Turkish Army has no intention to invade or commandeer the local oil or gas reserves. That’s what you guys are doing in that area. You guys don’t really think that American Army is in the middle east protecting civilians do you? Your very own president started that conflict in the first place. And like that is not enough, you provide and train those terrorists to attack each other thus preventing the growth of those nations. Please research what your county had done and doing in the middle east. Do not trust your own news feed blindly because trust me they are manipulating american public to normalize this colonist behaviour. That said, I do not wish anyone getting hurt but terrorist. I do not support the war between Turkish Army and those American boosted terrorist. (I know you guys are gonna deny it so, just do your research will you?.) I do not wish for young man to die for nothing but politics. But seriously stop catching every bait they set. Do your own research because every politician in America knows these facts, trump knows these facts and they manipulate it to create a public conciousness that benefit their intentions. Trust me they don’t give a shit about kurds or innocent lives they are not humanist. They are dirty Politicians who seek nothing but money and want nothing but power. Just wake up will you?

  17. So legally speaking can we kick Turkey out of NATO over this or not?

    I get Trump cleared the way for it, but who really needs Turkey on our side after this and everything else?

  18. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/turkey-syria-offensive-pentagon-calls-on-turks-to-halt-syria-assault-says-us-is-not-abandoning-kurds-2019-10-11/) reduced by 77%. (I’m a bot)
    > "To be clear," Esper said, "We are not abandoning our Kurdish partner forces, and U.S. troops remain with them in other parts of Syria. The impulsive action of President Erdogan to invade northern Syria has put the United States in a tough situation.”

    > Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Turkish military operations across the border into Syria are "Still relatively limited." He also called on the Syrian Kurds to show restraint so that a diplomatic solution might emerge.

    > We have one of three choices: Send in thousands of troops and win Militarily, hit Turkey very hard Financially and with Sanctions, or mediate a deal between Turkey and the Kurds!

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  19. “We served you the dish you’ve been craving for literal decades on a silver plate *but please don’t be so impulsive to eat it*”

  20. What happens when other countries start saying “because… terrorists!”. US paved the way.

  21. Forget the Kurds, the Trump towers are the most important things there!

    /S just in case you people don’t see obvious sarcasm

  22. Erdogan is a monster and the people that voted for him are uneducated retards

  23. Turkey has only ever wanted to destroy the PKK. They believe every Kurd is a member.

  24. Or out of here with this bullshit. The pentagon doesn’t care about the Kurds. They used the Kurds when it helped the US, and now they don’t need them.

    We sold weapons and massive amounts of military tech to turkey so they would invade Syria instead of us. It’s pretty obvious we did it to defeat the bashar regime.

  25. This is what happens when you have an uneducated and impulsive cretin at the controls. I sincerely hope the republicant party dissolves after this embarassment of a president.

  26. Impulsive lol. Turkey literally gave a 100 warnings before doing this op.

    Everyone that has a bit of knowledge knew that the US would leave eventually.

  27. Ethnic cleansing? Woah calm down there American news. You Got evidence of ethnic cleansing?
    Fuck the turkish invasion but ethnic cleansing, am i the only one that considers that a wild claim? Who they ethnically cleansing? Kurds? 12 million kurds live in turkey are they being ethnically cleansed?

  28. If Europe wants to take 3 million refugees erdogan said he wouldn’t even be in Syria. So Europe should call him on that since the European people have commented that they have very efficient and great plans for refugees. I have been directed to John Oliver who was explaining how refugees are very beneficial to the economy. So stop this fukin fighting and accept them. Europe has the resources to gain benefits from refugees

  29. The Republican anger is ridiculous. He is their God and nothing he does is wrong. RIP Kurds, perhaps Lindsey will shed a tear….

  30. Because we couldn’t see that one coming at all. Nooooo not at all. I am just heartsick for the Kurds. And so ashamed.

  31. First the Armenians and now the Kurds, damnit Turkey.

  32. First the Armenians and now the Kurds. Damnit Turkey.

  33. This is a fucking genocide Turkey is committing. Turkey and genocide is a marriage.

  34. > The Turkish government, a NATO ally, says it’s clearing the area of terrorists.

    Well Mr Turkey, be sure not to let the already imprisoned [ISIS terrorists escape](https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/10/09/trump-isis-terrorists-are-going-to-be-escaping-to-europe-not-america/)

  35. Sounds like the Turkish government is repeating their actions from 1915…

  36. Fuck the Republicans. Blood is on your hands! Blood! Murder!

  37. Turkey would never commit such a crime! Theyve surely never done it before! /s

  38. It’s almost thanksgiving.

  39. > We aren’t admitting to ethnic cleansing the first time ’round, but if we do it properly this time, we will eventually.

    Erdogan, probably (not)

  40. I say we invade turkey on Canadian thanksgiving I know it will cost alot of gravy

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