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Pessimism in the Republican camp .. Trump is intensifying his election rounds, describing Biden as a criminal

US President Donald Trump has intensified a series of election rallies across the United States, the last of which was in Michigan, where his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, was described as a criminal.

And “pessimism” prevails in the Republican camp, amid Trump’s declining fortunes in the polls.

In front of a rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump said that Democrats want “to erase American history and destroy American values ​​and the American way of life.”

He added to his supporters that “Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,” and that his family “represents a” criminal enterprise, “and that Biden” is a criminal. He has committed crimes … He represents a threat to national security. “

Trump accused Democrats of spying on his campaign in the last election, and said that it did not appear to him at the time of a smooth transition of power.

He also considered the current presidential elections as a choice between the recovery of the US economy under his administration and what he described as the economic stagnation under Biden’s leadership if he wins.

Frenzied pace

The frantic pace of Trump’s election rallies, 74, and the fact that he was forced to devote time to states like Georgia and Florida – which won him victory in 2016 – reflects growing concern among the Republican Party about his chances of winning, even if his aides are seeking to show self-confidence.

“President Trump’s strategy is to work hard to win the votes of the American people,” his spokeswoman Kylie McKinani said on Fox News.

“For this reason, it will be in two states today, and two rallies will be held tomorrow and two others will be held in Arizona on Monday, and will be fully spent,” she added.

On the other side of the competition, Biden, 77, – who visited Michigan as part of his Friday campaign – will stay in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

But he issued a statement to voters in Wisconsin hours before Trump’s expected arrival, in which he focused on his favorite subject in facing his rival, which is how Trump deals with the Corona crisis.

Last debate

The last televised debate between the two candidates is scheduled to take place Thursday, and – according to observers – it will be Trump’s last opportunity to defend himself in front of a wide audience, noting that more than 21 million Americans have cast their votes so far in an early ballot.

McKinani reported that Trump will use the recent debate to “talk about his wonderful recovery” from Corona, but the president’s task will be difficult in this regard, according to analysts.

The virus has killed more than 215,000 people in the United States, in a toll that is the worst in the world, while the president repeatedly ridiculed or ignored health experts’ advice.

As the due date approaches on the third of next month, poll results show Biden’s progress, while Republican senators have publicly expressed their doubts about their party leader.

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