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Pet owners who fail to walk their dogs daily face $2,700 fine in this Australian territory

Pet homeowners who fail to stroll their canines each day face $2,700 superb on this Australian territory

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  1. Yeah that’s not what the legislation says:

    Failure to exercise dog

    1. A person in charge of a dog commits an offence if—
    (a)the dog is confined so that it cannot exercise for a continuous period of 24 hours;
    (b) the dog is not exercised, or allowed to exercise itself, for
    (i) the next 2 hours; or
    (ii)the next 1 hour and for another hour in the next 24 hour period.

    Maximum penalty: 25 penalty units.

    2. In deciding if a dog is confined so that it cannot exercise, regard must
    be had to the dog’s age, physical condition and size.
    (1) does not apply if—
    (a)the dog is kept in a yard or residence in a way that it can move freely; or
    (b)the dog needs to be confined for the dog’s welfare.*

    So basically this all only applies if you confine a dog for 24 hours (i.e. keep it locked or tied up) and don’t let it exercise afterwards and the dog doesn’t have access to a house or garden to move around in. It doesn’t apply to old or sick dogs either.

    So it is absolutely not “Pet owners who fail to walk their dogs daily face $2,700 fine in this Australian territory”

    Edit – Hit the enter key too early, doh.

  2. I don’t think there’s a single dog on my street that gets walked daily.

  3. Headline is BS.

    This is only applying to dogs kept in confinement that aren’t being exercised. Think puppy farms or crates.

    If you have a yard and your dog isn’t kept in confinement, or your dog is old… You will not be fined.

  4. I have a 17 year old fox terrier who can barely walk to next room, a walk around the block would likely do him in

  5. I have 2 Akitas that get walked twice everyday… On days where the weather is severe, I have a doggo assault course on my land & having 2 of them they are happy out rough & tumbling all day long!

  6. My senior four pound chihuahua would not approve . half way down the block and she is done. Have to carry her back usually.

  7. That is a little over the top?

  8. That’s a thing in Australia?

  9. talk about invasive, sheesh.. how will they enforce this.

  10. I love to walk my dog but there are def days I can’t. I might be too sick or too busy or have to run around or the weather sucks.

  11. Good- unless dog is sick or old etc- each case treated by ethical point of view- this is good. If u are too lazy do NOT get a pet/ do not have kids etc etc. It’s not compulsory.

  12. Is this $2700 fine levied for every day they don’t walk the dog?

  13. What the hell is up with these buzzfeed titles. Fuck off.

    —-“Dog owners could be fined up to $2,700 (AU$4,000) if they don’t walk their pets at least once a day under new legislation recognizing animals as sentient beings in the Australian Capital Territory.”

  14. Misleading headline. Would make having a service dog tricky.

  15. Meanwhile some areas in Australia are considering laws to ban cats from being allowed outside to roam free.

  16. How one earth do they expect to police this?

    In a side note: this attempted click bait is hilarious. In *THIS* Australian territory! Mate, there are only two options and only one of them makes sense.

  17. ITT: people outing themselves as awful dog owners. Making your pet sleep with a muzzle on? Jesus Christ

  18. America should impose the same law, but on all the fat little children and their fat parents.

  19. My dogs getting old, shes started going deaf, possibly blind, and for the last year or so when ever she gets walked she comes back and limps none stop for a week. I can’t walk her as much as I like because it hurts her so if I was living in Australia I’d be fined because my dog is starting to become housebound due to age?

  20. They also just legalised weed. Not sure, but I think they are high

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