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Philippines Rejects Trump, Dumps Decades-Old Military Pact With the United States

Philippines Rejects Trump, Dumps Decades-Old Military Pact With the United States

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  1. Just so all of you know, this really started because US rejected the visa Senator Bato de la Rosa, Duterte’s lapdog. This was not even in the public conversation a few months ago. All this shit are done to just make a point that they can spit even the US if they mess with their ‘mob’.

    Politics here in the PH does not even involve any ideology. Just pure greed and power mongering.

  2. Make no mistake, this is not a rejection of Trump. This is the president throwing a hissyfit because his bitch of a drug war architect came crying to him that his visa was revoked, for human rights reasons.

  3. Duterte just gave what the Communist Activists (and insurgent terrorists) have been demanding for years.

  4. It’s distressing that there are many Americans here that assume that this is another case of the United States’ incompetence resulting in this. The reality is that it isn’t, and that it’s our own elected officials shooting themselves in the foot. The reason why they rejected the Visiting Forces Agreement was because of a provision in the 2020 US budget that would have banned Philippine officials involved in extrajudicial killings and the arrest of opposition senator Leila De Lima from setting foot in the USA. This made Duterte livid once it banned one of his political allies (and a major architect of the Philippine Drug War), Bato Dela Rosa, from entering the USA. So of course, Duterte overreacted, and here we are.

  5. The US refused to grant a visa to a mass murderer? He’s right! That is very rude!

  6. Lol all this because Dutertes body guard had his visa revoked because of all the extrajudicial killings he did in the Philippines? If anything this will hurt he Philippines way more than the US. They basically got free top of the line military assistance and technology for just existing. China will give them shitty com block type military assistance and won’t respect their sovereignty at all if they fill the gap

  7. Yeah. Got pissy about the United States complaining about their human rights violations. Something about shooting suspected drug dealers in the street without so much as an arrest.

  8. Highly misleading title. The US refused to grant visas to Filipino officials who were authorizing the murder of citizens in the streets without arrest or trial. I DON’T LIKE TRUMP, but this is click bait.

  9. Headline versus final sentence in the article which reads :

    >…that President Donald Trump has tried to save the agreement, but talks fell apart

    and you wonder why people think actual journalism is dead

  10. I don’t think you could blame Trump for this one. No matter who was president they would have done the same thing.

  11. Duerte wants Chinese money because they won’t hold him accountable for human rights abuses.

    Its all about riding the gravy-train.

  12. The premise is wrong.

    Fuck that.

    Blame Trump anyway :/

    Don’t get me wrong; he’s not my fave, but setting something/someone up to prove yourself right just makes it wrong.

  13. Isn’t this the same guy, Duterte, that backs civilian vigilante death squads, is responsible for assassinations of his own civilians without due process, and has literally likened himself to Hitler?

    Are we supposed to be upset that this guy doesn’t want to be our friend?

    You guys are really fucking reaching with this one.

  14. This announcement is extremely disappointing to me for a deeply personal reason.

    I was part of the US relief effort after Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The SE region of the Philippines was devastated; so many folks were displaced and left without food and clean water.

    We delivered supplies to the impact area and extracted refugees to safety. These people lost everything. Needless to say, it was a sobering experience.

    This wasn’t the first major storm in recent history as The Philippines is in a location which makes it extremely susceptible to severe typhoons. I can only hope that them attempting to cut off ties with the US doesn’t prevent disaster relief in the future.

  15. >President Rodrigo Duterte has become increasingly antagonistic toward the U.S. since he became enraged by Washington’s refusal to grant a visa to Sen. Ronald dela Rosa—the mastermind behind Duterte’s violent war against drugs—and sought closer relations with China.

    So, this is probably a good thing, for the U.S.

  16. The spin on this should be fun.

    US: hey chill on human rights violations

    Them: fuck you we aren’t friends anymore

    US media : trump bad

  17. Yeah it’s all fun and games posturing like that until by some turn of events China is on your ass and no one comes to save you

  18. I love how Duterte went from anti-Obama to anti-Trump

  19. I kinda expected nothing less from a man who threatened war with Canada over literal garbage.

  20. Hey op, was such an intellectually dishonest title so necessary?

  21. Tbh, I fucking hate Donald Trump but really? As a Filipino who’s aware of the politics of my country. This is definitely Duterte’s fault, just because one of his friend that also commit a Human Right violation by killing drug users got his visa cancelled. Like, thank God Americans cancelled that murderer’s visa..

  22. Evil dictator dislikes Trump. Reddit confused on who to side with

  23. It’s hardly a friendship when we spend all kinds of money and risk our armed forces defending their region of the world. I can’t say what we get in return. Who needs it?

    I don’t agree with most of what Trump does, but it’s time our global “friends” started pulling their weight.

  24. Say goodbye to your tradelanes, islands and general military security, Phillipines.

  25. While this isn’t great news, fuck Duterte. He’s a murderous piece of shit dictator.

  26. Another unforeseen consequence of the war on drugs in pursuit of money, power and eternal growth, good riddance, Duterte can get fucked.

  27. This is really bad news. At a time when China is rising in influence in the Pacific, a crucial ally is abandoning the US because of bipartisan concerns from the executive and legislative branches over the Philipines human rights abuses in their controversial war on drugs. I’m not familiar with how the Philipines government completely works, but it sounds like the senate over there isn’t happy with this move and may try to stop it if they can.

    This just moves the Philippines closer to China because China, just like with their own citizens, won’t care what steps the Philippines takes to manage their own internal problems, making them a much more appealing ally for Duterte.

  28. [THIS](https://www.npr.org/2020/02/11/804751958/philippines-says-it-will-end-u-s-security-agreement) is a less “spinny” article if anyone wants to know the facts of the situation instead of crafting it into a political weapon.

  29. A). This has nothing to do with Trump, this is all Duterte’s style of politics (his the Philippine version of Trump)
    B) They’ve been threatening this for a while, i doubt they will actually pull the trigger

    Edit: fixed wording

  30. Welp, one step closer for China to expand its “alliance”. This is what Duterte has been wanting back in the days of Obama. So this is most likely an excuse.

  31. “Decades old” means ever since the USA gave up Philippines as a territory and gave them the right to self-determination. It was freedom light though, because they had certain safeguards in place to ensure that they weren’t influenced by communist beliefs. One of which was a military agreement.

  32. Philippines: *drops military pact*

    China: Its free real estate

  33. It’s a bold move cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

  34. Well that’s okay. Not really a big deal. The only people that are happy about this China.

  35. Oh no. What ever will we do without Duarte by our side?

  36. Let’s see Duterte come crawling back when China imposes their will on the South China Sea

  37. The Philippines will be an extremely valuable military base for China when they decide to blockade or invade Taiwan.

  38. Let’s see how cozying up to China goes. Duterte is a fucking moron.

  39. Duterte is probably one of the few world leaders more unstable than our own. We rejected a visa for one of his monstrous henchmen. That’s actually a feather in Trump’s orange cap.

    Good luck with China, dumbasses.

  40. My question: would Duterte have only been playacting with the various middle fingers to China while actually hammering out a deal, or does he genuinely just not GAF what any outside power thinks, as long as he’s top dog?

  41. How will this affect China’s encroachment on the South China sea?

  42. If this happened under Obama it would have been spun as a positive thing on Reddit.

  43. So is the Phillipines now a Chinese or Russian client state, since they’re not one for the US anymore?

  44. At least he didn’t call President Trump a “Son of a whore”

  45. >The Philippines has told the United States it will scrap a major security pact that has allowed American forces to train in the country for decades, according to reports. The agreement has seen the U.S. rotate forces through Philippine military bases since 1999. It’s also allowed for hundreds of joint exercises each year, and given the U.S. a key strategic foothold near the disputed South China Sea. The agreement remains in force for now, but will lapse in 180 days. President Rodrigo Duterte has become increasingly antagonistic toward the U.S. since he became enraged by Washington’s refusal to grant a visa to Sen. Ronald dela Rosa—the mastermind behind Duterte’s violent war against drugs—and sought closer relations with China. Duterte said in an angry speech late Monday that President Donald Trump has tried to save the agreement, but talks fell apart. Duterte accused the U.S. of meddling in Philippine affairs, saying: “America is very rude. They are so rude.”

    “Bargaining Chip”

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