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Plans to deliver speeches and launch attacks … Trump is locked into a Corona in the White House and racing against time to stop Biden’s advance

US President Donald Trump, who is under quarantine in the White House after being infected with the Coronavirus, is racing against time to resume his election rounds a month before the presidential elections, and in the meantime, he continued his attacks in an attempt to stop the progress of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, who is ahead of him by a significant margin in opinion polls.

After his release yesterday from the military hospital near Washington, Trump, 74, is supposed to spend a quarantine period in the White House, but it is not clear whether he will abide by that.

Today, Wednesday, White House doctor Sean Conley said that during the past 24 hours, no symptoms of Corona had appeared on the president, describing his condition as stable.

He also said that he had not had a fever for more than 4 days, and had not needed any additional oxygen since his transfer to the hospital last Friday evening.

The medical team overseeing Trump’s treatment says it takes 10 days to recover.

Even before he leaves the hospital yesterday, the Republican candidate confirmed that he wants to enter the scheduled debate with Biden on the 15th of this month in Miami, but the Democratic candidate demanded yesterday that the debate not take place unless the president recovers completely.

Although he has not recovered from Corona and has been subject to quarantine, Trump is trying to restore momentum to his election campaign, after recent opinion polls showed him backing down against his Democratic rival.

According to the latest CNN poll, Biden is leading by 57% of the vote compared to 41% for Trump, but the latter had described the polls that show his delay as fake.

Trump’s options
Advisers said Trump is looking for options on how to get his message across to voters, and halt Biden’s progress in the states that will win the November 3 elections.

They added that they are looking into Trump giving a speech to the American people, and are studying the possibility of him delivering a speech to elderly voters tomorrow, Thursday.

In a tweet he posted today on Twitter, the Republican candidate attacked his Democratic opponent, calling him an idiot, saying that the media find themselves forced to deal with him and try to protect him.

Since the president was infected with Corona, his eldest son Donald and his deputy, Mike Pence, have led his election campaign.

For his part, the White House said that preparations are underway to allow the president to return to his office in the coming days.

And in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a television interview today that he noticed what he described in a sharp anti-Russian tone from Democratic candidate Joe Biden, noting at the same time that Biden’s statements about arms control were encouraging.

Putin said that his country would work with any American leader, but praised the incumbent President Donald Trump for saying he wanted better relations with Moscow.

The Russian president rejected again Washington’s accusation of his country being involved in the US elections, and Putin’s statements came at a time when US officials in recent days raised fears of Russia’s attempt to influence the upcoming US presidential elections.

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