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Police cadets are busted throwing a late-night party in a horrendous breach of coronavirus social distancing measures

Police cadets are busted throwing a late-night party in a horrendous breach of coronavirus social distancing measures

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  2. OK. This happened not far from me.
    This is actually a little more complex than what it says.
    It wasn’t police cadets. It was protective service cadets, but they get trained at the AFP College (AFP – Australian Federal Police).
    Protective Service are basically Security Guards that get supplied by government. Typically used as guards at gates for embassies and the like.
    So yeah, these aren’t police of state of Federal level. These are glorified security guards. They do have a few more powers than standard mall guards.

  3. They should never be allowed to become officers. This one incident indicates that these individuals believe they don’t have to follow the rules and that they have little concern for public saftey. Can’t think of two worse qualities for a young police officer to have.

  4. This just shows what kind of officers these cadets are going to be.

  5. I can’t help but wonder. I have seen so many officers who feel they are above the law. And now we have an entire class of them doing the same. Is there something about the mentality of those seeking a job in law enforcement, that they think themselves above the law?

  6. Rules are for thee, not for me.

  7. They would have been caught sooner but the investigators were tricked into believing the party would be at the Blue Oyster Bar…

  8. You gotta fight for your right to party

  9. Somewhere. Two bald headed recruits showed up to Blue Oyster bar after they were intentionally given the address.

  10. I mean they probably all have been doing training within close distance already for who knows how long, after spending 8 hour days with the same people what’s a couple more…

  11. While there’s countless cops risking their life on the line, these goobers fuck around, they don’t deserve the role

  12. Or, if theyre in lockdown, this would be considered inside their household, so it doesnt matter. My GF is forces and is in lockdown in an military camp and thats considered a household so they can so whatever as they could if at home, because jt is their home. Dont jump to conclusions

  13. This is why we need the coast guard to watch the watchmen!

  14. This wasn’t police cadets, but I don’t know what exactly they’re called.

    They’re basically training to become security guards, but not a run of the mill mall cop.

    Doesn’t excuse it but the title is misleading to start a fight

  15. Go to any park and you will see games of football going on…as well as plenty of people walking round in groups. The message is not getting through to the youth…as if it simply does not apply to them

  16. That damn piss ant Mahoney!!!

  17. Wish they’d do this in my town. Parks are taped off but people still go out there late at night, blaring music and the cops don’t want to be bothered.

  18. Honestly, does it really matter that they hung out together after being in training together, showering in the same bathrooms, eating together? I don’t see how police cadets could both continue their training and maintain social distancing. As long as it was just the cadets, I don’t see how they really increased their risk or anyone else’s.

  19. God damn people are so stupid. Fuck.

  20. Before the good ole reddit “Fuck Cops” circle jerk begins, this happened in Australia. Do with that info what you will.

  21. This happened days ago and they’ve already been reprimanded

  22. Am I seeing Syria or a shooting range in Kentucky?

  23. Police Academy 8: Operation Corona Breach

  24. “Rules for thee- not for me…”

  25. Punishment: hug your grand parents.

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