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Poll: Majority of Israelis Oppose Immunity From Prosecution for Netanyahu

Poll: Majority of Israelis Oppose Immunity From Prosecution for Netanyahu

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  1. Why should politicians be immune from prosecution anyways? A citizen who commits crime should be prosecuted by law even if he/she is the Prime Minister or President

  2. > Among right wing voters, 35 percent oppose granting immunity, and 47 percent support the notion.

    No surprise there.

  3. They’ve put away high-powered politicians in the past, let’s see them do it again!

  4. Not so opposed that they stop voting him into a position of immunity though.

  5. I don’t understand why *anyone* in the world should have immunity from prosecution.

  6. POS corrupt asshole. Will only be remembered for causing probably the biggest, most severe tear the Jewish people ever saw.

  7. You’d have to be fully mentally retarded to think handing over this kind of power to a position in government is a good idea.

  8. As someone who is very pro-israel, I agree. He has no right to immunity

  9. Fuck that old cunt, him and his wife should go to jail.

  10. Majority of people don’t think anyone should be above the law. Only politicians think that makes any sense

  11. It’s says a lot any humanity that the people in charge are this immoral.

  12. Bibi disgraces Israel. Calling Israel a stable democracy while an indicted individual continues to corrupt the PM seat is laughable. This is banana republic behavior.

  13. Conservatism is the enemy.

  14. How is he allowed to think he can run for PM for a major political party with these things over his head? Arrogance?

  15. The concept of being immune from prosecution because you have too much power makes no sense. I have no idea why we have that in the United States. If you can’t follow the laws of the country then why should you be immune.

  16. Even those who believe he’s innocent should believe that. No one should be above the law, no matter how much you support them.

  17. Finally even the people who followed him like sheep until now are starting to doubt him.

    He may very well be deposed soon.

  18. I’m not familiar with what’s going on in Isreal, but I’m with the public on this. You do something that would be illegal for a regular person to do, you don’t deserve special treatment.

    Only time I think that’s appropriate is part of a plea bargain, where your immunity is in exchange for someone (or a group) that’s way, way more wanted.

  19. As an Israeli, I hate this. I hate that it isn’t even obvious that a man charged with bribery and breach of trust isn’t qualified to lead a public office. Jesus. What the hell went wrong to this world.

  20. Why should anyone be immune to prosecution? This world

  21. When are we gonna learn that leaders do what they want, and that polls mean nothing to them? Incumbents don’t even need high approval ratings, they just get relected over and over til someone flashier comes along. People aren’t meant to be rulers, and they aren’t meant to be ruled. We’re dumb animals that shit where we eat, we can’t even agree not to wreck our environment because it interferes with fiscal quotas. We’re doomed, no point in trying to improve anything.

  22. You mean majority of Israelis are normal people … breaking news

  23. The majority of Israelis Understand what Rule of Law means.

  24. I feel like nobody should ever get immunity from prosecution.

  25. What a destructive legacy he leaves behind. Corrupt POS.

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  27. Right-wingers love their criminal, corrupt political leaders

  28. I’m sure their won’t be any racism or stereotypes against Israelis in this post at all lol.

  29. Also: majority of world oppose immunity from criticism for Israel.

  30. He doesn’t have the votes anyway

  31. I hope they support justice. My God.

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