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Pompeo is proud of America not paying money to free the hostages

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denied that his country had at any time paid ransoms for the return of its citizens detained abroad, considering the response to such demands as an encouragement for the kidnapping of more Americans.

Pompeo has published several tweets since yesterday, reviewing the achievements of the outgoing President Donald Trump’s administration, in which he has served as Secretary of State since 2018, and Pompeo used the hashtag (Swagger), which means pride and vanity.

In one of the tweets, Pompeo wrote, “The government has never paid ransoms for the return of the hostages,” and is proud that the United States has regained its credibility and that it is not drawing false red lines to dictators and gangs, nor is it paying them bags of money.

In another tweet, Pompeo spoke of the American academic Ziyo Wang, who was detained in Iran in 2016, and said, “The Iranian regime has convicted him of espionage and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. We have pressed for his release until it was done in 2019 without any money in return.”

Pompeo also indicated that his government released Corporal Michael White, who was detained by Iran in 2018, and returned to his homeland last June.

Pompeo also talked about the prisoner exchange deal with the Houthis, considering it one of his achievements that bore fruit after months of relentless diplomatic efforts by his country’s embassies in the region.

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