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Pope says Coronavirus could be nature’s response to climate change

Pope says Coronavirus could be nature’s response to climate change

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  1. Pope:

    *Hits blunt*

    “maybe we’re the virus”

  2. That’s… not what he said. I’m not Catholic, so I have no axe to grind, but in the quotes in the article, he was talking about Australia’s wildfires and glacial melting as nature’s responses. He wasn’t talking about Covid in this part of the interview. (He didn’t say that Covid was nature’s response to climate change.)

    The full interview (press escape to get rid of the annoying pop-up) can be found here: [https://www.thetablet.co.uk/features/2/17845/pope-francis-says-pandemic-can-be-a-place-of-conversion-](https://www.thetablet.co.uk/features/2/17845/pope-francis-says-pandemic-can-be-a-place-of-conversion-)

    the fourth question of the journalist is the relevant part of the interview.

  3. Nature’s just sitting there on the Moon like Queen Rita from Power Rangers sending random viruses and scourges at the Earth.

  4. **The same Pope who leads his followers to believe that using contraception is a sin… which has led to hundreds of millions of births in poorer parts of the world, representing a significant contribution to climate change as a result.**

  5. Maybe the Pope should shut the fuck up on topics he knows nothing about which is everything except a weird obsession with some old fiction and protecting child molesters.

  6. To be fair, he also thinks that covering up and enabling mass child rape is the way to handle mass child rape, so maybe we shouldn’t give him too much credibility on any subjects.

  7. This is definitely something that has passed through my mind.

  8. Kind of been my theory too.

  9. It’s not nature’s response to climate change but it sure has exposed how stupid religious people can be.

  10. This isn’t even consistent with Catholic theology. The Pope does not believe in Gaia or any nature spirit or intentionality on the part of the Earth. He could have at least said that this is God punishing us for not being good stewards of this planet and it would have been theologically appropriate.

  11. I thought God promised no floods again, remember he gave us a stick from a bird

  12. Maybe the Pope and some of those old touchy feelly guys they always ship around and don’t stop finally pissed off the big guy.

  13. What a day lmao. The fricking Pope wondering out loud whether the coronavirus pandemic is nature’s answer to climate change!

    Honestly, a decade I would expect the Pope to call it divine vengeance against the blasphemers or something.

  14. More like nature’s response to globalism. Borders closed for the foreseeable future.

  15. Why are we reporting on non-experts’ opinions as if it’s news?

  16. Technology sharing should be a big focus for the coming years. So we stop importing things from faraway countries just because we don’t have the plans for the machines.

    Then further along the line better administration of corporations. For example we have 10 different brands of rice. It’s not essential.

  17. Nature has its own way of keeping populations of species in check.

  18. Totally not communists hiding facts from the world.

    Dumb pope.

  19. Unfortunately he doesn’t believe it is because they have covered up for pedophiles for centuries.

  20. The pope should go fuck himself

  21. Harry Potter fan fiction expert opines on something he knows even less about than Harry Potter.

    Fuck the pope.

  22. I think the Pope is kind of a retard. Maybe more retarded and senile than Joe Biden

  23. So, he believes a malevolent God has deliberately sent a really awful virus to kill off a slice of the population.

    Prayers for the sick won’t work then by his logic.

  24. Religious people now not believing and accepting the pope’s words. This crumbling is going to be fun to watch.

  25. probably the thawing of the poles could have unearthed this virus

  26. The earth is expunging us.

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