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Portuguese parliament approves law allowing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill people

Portuguese parliament approves law allowing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill people

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  1. Portugal seems to have some pretty progressive stuff going on.

  2. How wonderful when a country deigns to give people a little dignity. Would that it were that all countries were capable of the same.

    I always love the religious people protesting this, using the excuse of “God’s plan” or whatever as an justification for utter cruelty and tyranny.

  3. Good. The more countries that have it, the better.

  4. I wholeheartedly support this new law. Well done Portugal.

  5. No one should be forced to live against their will.

  6. As they should, it’s sad that our pets have more rights and we treat them better than our family members.

  7. Should be a human right to die peacefully.

  8. The vote was for 5 motions, and all of them passed, so now the parties will talk in order to draft a law. Furthermore there are groups collecting signatures to force the parliament to discuss a possible referendum, and finally once the law is drafted it still has to be approved by the president, and possibly, the constitutional court, which might be a problem because the Portuguese constitution makes life an irrevocable right. in article 24.

    I’d personally rather that they voted for legalizing assisted suicide like in Switzerland, because it would have no chance of being rejected by the constitutional court, and because as a disabled (blind) citizen I am interested in that as I would like help ending my life safely..

  9. My mother has severe MS. Maybe not today, but in 5-10 years she will consider this, but its still illegal here. If I could change one thing, this would be it. If she has enough, its okay. Noone would want to be tied to a bed, unable to eat, speak or move while still feeling pain only morphium can numb for fucking years. She doesnt want it, I also don’t want it. Why cant she have the option of simply saying “I’m done” is beyond me. Its cruel how its considered a good thing to rob a human of all dignity and leave them to rot

  10. Portugal is playing a blinder. Legalized drugs and now this. Keep up the good work guys. Hopefully other EU countries follow your lead

  11. Good for them! I am glad that when it comes to that I can just go home to die. I might scoff at my home country sometimes for being conservative but on some fronts Switzerland is very progressive. I think the first organization for assisted suicide was founded in the early eighties so it has been around for quite some time. My mom is even a member. It’s not like we are killing off the elderly or sick left and right.

    Love the documentary How to die in Oregon.

  12. I have witnessed at least two relative’s who had been really sick and on deathbed were very tired of the treatment but no one could do anything about it as the law does not permit such things.
    There are genuine cases when a person’s health is in such bad shape that it’s better they die peacefully.

  13. Congratulations Portugal, hoping we manage to get the same rights in Spain one day. We are theorically close, but the right-wing conservatives have been blocking the law for the last +45 years.

  14. Applause Portuguese parliament.

  15. Can we get that in the United States?

  16. I watched as cancer tore my grandmother appart. It got so bad she avoided letting us see her. I respect that she did that for the sake of our sanity, but my god my grandmother was in so much fucking pain, I knew she would have wanted something like assisted suicide…. Why is it that this isn’t a thing?? Do you know how much fucking pain she was in?

    I’m sure I’m not alone here. Why do we have to suffer until the very end? Heck, I’m even scared to grow old knowing I could be going through the worst pain I’ve ever been through, and being kept alive to endure said pain until I can’t do it anymore and pass away.

  17. Como português fico admirado, mas contente.

  18. Portugal’s doing really well lately. Seems to be magically immune to right-wing populism somehow (knock on wood).

  19. about – freaking – time

  20. I mean, are we not all terminally ill? I’ll take one please!

  21. euthanasia should be free and legal for everyone, not just terminally ill.

  22. Next will be humane acts of kindness for pets …. Oh hold on

  23. So hypothetically, can people from other EU countries go to Portugal when they are terminally ill and demand this?

  24. Both my father and mother in law died the way OP described. Their last week was horrible and I am still horrified thinking about it.

    That was more than 40 years ago in my country.

    Nowadays sick people can die peaceful and gracefully. I hope you will be able to do this in your country too. Any country.

  25. Good time to spread the idea of Philip Nitschke’s Sarco.

  26. In a Portuguese parliament?

    I mean I’m happy, I’m just surprised. Well done.

    Still not in my state in Australia yet because God.

  27. It should be a right of ever9to be able to go when you want. What is the use of wasting away in some home. No quality of life so while you have a sound mind check out when you want.

  28. Very nice, they I just wish they’d introduce this for people like me who really don’t want to be around anymore. I’ve lived my life, I’m no longer happy and would be much better off, happy and less harming for everyone around me. And now this is not one of them depressive things, everyone thinks I’m perfectly fine but I just don’t like the whole idea of life and would rather die at 30. I’ve lived a wonderful life already and I haven’t been happy for the last 2 years so I’d love to get some help with it as I’m too pussy to throw myself infront of a train and that also isn’t fair on the guy driving the train.

  29. I’m talking euthanasia, like kids in Taiwan

  30. We have to tough it out here in the US under Trump

  31. My father was so afraid of this he killed himself when he still had the chance. His letter to me is heart breaking, he apologized that he did it, he was scared, but i wish i could just have the chance to tell him that i understand…

  32. It’s ridiculous that we prolong peoples suffering like this, if a pet or a wild animal is in pain, our first thought is to humanely end it’s suffering, why does this not apply to humans? **Especially** if they can make that decision for themselves.

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