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Premier infuriated by Trump, says Canada helped US amid 9/11

Premier infuriated by Trump, says Canada helped US amid 9/11

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  1. Ah, but did Canada help *Trump*, and continue to kiss his ass nonstop after he became president? That is the only thing that would matter to the chosen one.

  2. Ball is my premier. His administration has a questionable track record overall, but he’s been a steady hand during this crisis. I feel he’s speaking for the majority of Newfoundlanders with these comments.

  3. Another perspective on this story; In Canada, Premiers are like Governors of states. Some of them disagree (strongly?) with many policies of the Prime Minster (Canadian President) and they are from different political parties. What is happening is that they are all working as a team to address the needs of all Canadians.

    So when the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador is speaking out its not only for his province (203 cases) its for other provinces like Quebec (6997 cases) that have bigger needs. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html#a1

    The Quebec Premier thanking Ontario Premier and the Prime Minister https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html#a1


    (personally: they need to work together now but over the long run it is more healthy that there be multiple views on any one issue)

  4. [3M will continue to export masks to Canada: White House trade adviser Peter Navarro](https://apnews.com/937942e71228f88efedec1689def3829)

    >3M will continue to export to our friends in Mexico and Canada

  5. > The premier of a Canadian province that sheltered thousands of stranded American airline passengers after the 9/11 attacks questioned the humanity of U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday after Trump banned the export of N95 protective masks to Canada.

    No need to question it. He has no humanity. Never did either.

    > “To say that I’m infuriated by the recent actions of President Trump of the United States is an understatement,” Ball said. “I cannot believe for a second that in a time of crisis that President Trump would even think about banning key medical supplies to Canada.”

    Yeah, it is outrageous but I can believe it. Trump doesn’t give a fuck. Also, what do people think nationalism looks like and results in, exactly? You’re fucking looking at it.

  6. I’m starting to get the impression these articles are being posted to rile up Canadians against the US. As a Canadian, it sucks but damn people, don’t lose your mind over this yet.

  7. The US is just an unreliable ally. Canada should look across the Atlantic for their true friends

  8. I’m from Australia and we banned exports of medical equipment to any nation as well. So has South Korea.

    Are we ass holes as well?

    This not a Trump issue.

  9. To me as a Canadian, I’m not too upset with this. It is a pretty shitty thing to do, though not wholly unexpected from Trump. We didn’t shelter travellers during 9/11 to hold it over people, we did it because they needed help. To say ‘you owe us’ is wrong. I would have hoped that the US would remember what we did and offer help, but I completely understand that the US is in deep with the virus, and could use as much help as they can. NY has more infected than all of Canada.

  10. TIL Trudeau is a premier of a province of Canada.

    Thanks Associated Press.

  11. Didn’t we already find out the shipment was in Canada before the original story broke? And the whole thing was a clerical error by a DHL warehouse?

  12. “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”

    ― Henry Kissinger

  13. This is a tad disingenuous.

    Its easier to offer help from the outside to a group that is needing something and you aren’t hurting or crippled in the same way. It is a whole different matter when everyone is being impacted and needing the same help.

    I think Trump’s statements are not always right, but if we don’t have enough of something for ourselves, why do we have to give you what we have?

    On an airplane, if the cabin loses pressure, they instruct you to affix your own mask before helping others. If you cannot help yourself you cannot necessarily help others.

  14. As someone from across the Pacific, how can Canada expect the us the help when the us is 10x worse off than Canada with the current situation. (I genuinely don’t understand what they have to offer)

  15. 1) The US didn’t block supplies intended for Canada. Every story that has suggested this has been proved false. Canadians fell for it each time. That other story about the US seizing supplies that were going to Canada. [Proved false.](https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/04/02/les-masques-rediriges-en-ohio-a-cause-dune-erreur-informatique)

    2) Every single country on the planet is prioritizing supplies for their own country. [Germany has banned the export of medical masks.](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-09/germany-faces-backlash-from-neighbors-over-mask-export-ban)

    You circle-jerking maniacs are enjoying the fact that the US is being singularly criticized in isolation for things that many other countries are doing. The things that people have accused the US of have been false, meanwhile other countries are ACTUALLY *seizing* supplies destined for other countries, something the US has NOT done. [France](https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/coronavirus-european-solidarity-sidelined-as-french-interests-take-priority-1.4216184?mode=amp) and [Germany](https://namex.co/germany-seizes-medical-supplies-headed-to-switzerland-as-europe-scrounges-for-resources-to-fight-coronavirus-report/) for example.

    Those countries are not being criticized. In fact, those countries are criticizing the US for what they themselves are doing and the US isn’t doing. An incredible example of anti-Americanism being exploited for propaganda.

    3) Again, and this needs to be pointed out but this logic that will be lost on the perma-raging Canadian nationalists: *nobody in the US government, including Trump, singled out Canada and blocked supplies from going from the US to Canada.* President Trump invoked a law that allows the federal government to prevent domestic suppliers and distributors from selling domestic supplies to the highest bidders in foreign countries. Canadians took this as meaning the US was blocking Canada specifically, because Canadians see EVERYTHING through the lens of their insecure inferiority complex.

    In spite of the RIGHT that the US has to prioritize its own people, something you’d never disallow an other country from doing, Canadians freaked out like gullible little children. [And that is even though the Trump administration specifically EXEMPTED CANADA.](https://globalnews.ca/video/6779338/3m-will-continue-to-export-masks-to-canada-white-house-trade-adviser-peter-navarro)

    That means the US has continued to and will continue to provide medical supplies to Canada.

    **The US actually made a special exception that allows Canadians full access to medical supplies in the US.**

    And yet here we are, Canadians are still completely drunk on the propaganda, psychotically enraged at the US based on false stories, and can’t be reasoned with and reddit is perpetually supporting false narratives and the damage control that follows, that disproves those false narratives, hardly get a fraction of the attention of the original false stories that ignited the anti-American firestorms.

  16. >Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a more diplomatic approach, saying Sunday he’s confident Canada will still be able to import N95 masks from the U.S. despite the export ban and said he will talk to Trump in the coming days.
    >Trudeau noted Canada supplies the U.S. with many supplies, including pulp for surgical-grade N95 masks, test kits and gloves. Canadian nurses also work in the U.S.
    >Trudeau earlier said Canada won’t bring retaliatory or punitive measures against the United States.
    >“I’m confident we are going to be able to solve this and I look forward to speaking with the president in the coming days,” Trudeau said.


    He has maple syrup running through his veins.

  17. you know I missed that interesting bit of history last week when Justin Trudeau became premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. Methinks the graphics department at AP wasn’t talking to the actual journalists.

  18. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but isn’t there a huge shortage of masks here? Isn’t that what people have been saying for days or weeks? If we are really facing such extreme shortages, why would another country be upset that we’re not giving them any? How can we give them something we don’t have? I feel Iike I’m missing something.

  19. Yeah. A family stayed with us during 9/11. I’m from Gander and we took in a lot of people.

    I would not have the same reaction now. Just leave them at the airport. Fuck it.

  20. Not really a valid comparison. It’d be valid if both countries were attacked simultaneously.

  21. [it was called operation yellow ribbon and Canada housed thousands of Americans and international travellers](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Yellow_Ribbon)

    Most American citizens won’t forget what Canada did, but it’s sad seeing people cheer some of trump’s policies as well. I’ve seen “get your own damn masks” comments way too much and “America first” too often as well

  22. Nearly 400 Canadians also died following the US into its war with Afghanistan. Something Trump wouldn’t understand or be able to relate to, since he’s a draft dodging pussy who wouldn’t even serve his own country, nevermind the needs or convictions of another one.

  23. Literally tens of thousands of people are dying in North America… And Trump takes centre stage! Is it really about the masks or about the man getting the attention he craves?

  24. I wish I didn’t have to say this but…join the club, Premier. He infuriates a lot of us, all the time. He’s an asshole and a pathological liar. I, for one, hope he’s relieved of his position in November.

  25. To the people saying “it’s not the same as 9/11” – you’re right, it’s not and none of the statements in the article say that or even make that comparison. What they *do* say is that as a friend and neighbour, Canada is disappointed and even a little surprised that even Trump would all but abondon that relationship during a crisis. Does the US government have the right to limit distribution of the masks? Yes, they do. In this case it’s more a question of “is it the right thing to do?” As a Canadian, I’m not surprised that Trump has cut or is preparing to cut the mask supply to us but like most of us, I’m just sad that this is where we’ve ended up.

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