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President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela was charged in New York with drug trafficking crimes after an investigation by federal authorities.

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela was charged in New York with drug trafficking crimes after an investigation by federal authorities.

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  1. People here saying it’s propaganda, but he really is involved in drug-trafficking. It’s hard to imagine that the entire government- including the military- is corrupt to the bone, but it’s the truth. Maduro’s nephews (his wife’s) were arrested in Haiti with 800kg of cocaine. Commanders have been arrested in Spain with huge amounts. Hell, even the commander of the Bolivarian National Guard, the Head of Intelligence and the old VP of Venezuela have been indicted. It was only a matter of time till their leader was indicted as well. Venezuela truly is a narco-state.

  2. As a Venezuelan, I’m glad. Everyone knows Maduro’s regime deals drugs. His nephews were caught in an airport in Haiti with 800kg of Cocaine, in 2015. They were found guilty of dealing drugs in 2016[1](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-usa-crime-idUSKBN13D2PK).

    Everyone in Venezuela knows that Maduro’s regime is allied with El Cartel de los Soles.

    [Venezuela’s Government Is So Corrupt It Basically Has Its Own Cartel](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vice.com/amp/en_ca/article/yw8e4y/venezuelas-government-is-so-corrupt-it-basically-has-its-own-cartel)

    [Venezuela is key link for the drug smugglers](https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1557941/Venezuela-is-key-link-for-the-drug-smugglers.html)

    [Cartel de los Soles](https://www.insightcrime.org/venezuela-organized-crime-news/cartel-de-los-soles-profile/)


    [Tareck el Aissami](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/02/16/world/americas/venezuela-tareck-el-aissami-drugs-sanctions-maduro.amp.html)

    Edit: For every jalabolas in this thread, who seems to think they know more about Venezuela than actual Venezuelans: Guaidó was named president under article 233, of the Constitution of 1999. Which allows the National Assembly to name their President/Speaker (Guaidó), President of Venezuela if they consider that the sitting President does not meet the duties established by the Constitution. Then there is article 333, which says that every citizen must defend the Constitution if it’s violated by the government; which Maduro has done and keeps doing. Then there is article 350, which says that every Venezuelan citizen is obligated unrecognize any regime that goes against Venezuela’s democracy and human rights; i.e. Maduro’s regime. Venezuelan law, and American law are different; stop acting as if they are the same. Guaidó is the legitimate president of Venezuela, backed by the Constitution.

  3. The only people mad with this are the first world socialists, not the average venezuelan.

    We surpassed the banana republic level a long time ago to become a cocaine republic.

  4. Qué fastidio los comunistoides que no saben nada de nuestro país viniendo a opinar en este thread y a defender al chaburro ese. Ugh.

  5. The U S has a justice boner for Maduro. Not that the charges aren’t real.

  6. Looks like someone’s gonna get some ‘Murikan-style FREEDOM soon!

    The horrific thing? Even with the death toll something like that would entail… it would still probably be better for the population as a whole than living under that sadistic cartel dictator long-term. The old Venezuelan parliament still exists, they can take over, find someone willing to help pick up the pieces, and start working on rebuilding the country.

  7. Damn, son, this figga gonna fight United States with coke, bring it on bruh

    >“The cartel, under the leadership of Mr. Maduro and others, “prioritized using cocaine as a weapon against America and importing as much cocaine as possible into the United States,” the indictment charged”

  8. I hope he rots in prison and joins his buddy Chavez in hell pretty soon

  9. This may be a real story, but I’m going to wait until I read it in a source that didn’t ignore the Reagan Administration funding it’s Central American death squads by enabling US cities to be flooded with crack cocaine, and that isn’t a cheerleader for every bullshit regime-change war the US has backed since any of us have been alive. When it comes to getting accurate information about Central and South American politics, at the very least confirm NYT with other sources.

  10. How are they going to get him in front of these charges is the scary thing

  11. “The U.S. government has been willing to cut deals with anyone sanctioned for human rights abuses or corruption,” he said. “But not if they’re implicated in drugs.”

    How fucked up is that quote?

  12. Alright, let’s try deciphering this. The idea is too clever for somebody in the White House administration to concoct, so this likely came from a Republican congressman. Miller seems to be the best contact but I think Kushner might’ve been the bridge to Trump since I doubt either Miller or the mystery congressman could get Trump to directly consider this.

    However, to cover their bases, they probably ran the idea by Barr who decided it could be possible. Therefore, when the idea was brought to Trump, most likely on the basis of “It’ll make voters support you” or some shtick, he passed the buck to Barr who confirmed it(but as noted, was already in on it from the start). Barr proceeded to make said announcement.

    From what I can tell, the underlying logic of the charge is pretty silly. On that basis, almost any country’s leader could be guilty of criminal offenses because of criminals operating out of their country(with some stretching of the truth to make it fit). Toss in “But we don’t recognize said person as the legitimate leader” and America can basically argue that the leader of any country is a criminal.

    But that’s all window dressing. My take is that they’re going to parade Guiado again, especially since Guaido hasn’t been making much progress, using this as a backdrop for why he’s the “legitimate” leader of Venezuela.

    I’m glad in a time of national crisis and global pandemic, the US still can’t keep its erection for overthrowing governments under control. Nor has the current administration managed to figure out the PR aspects of trying to play moral superiority after doing absolutely immoral shit(take your pick between telling Americans to go die for the economy or Pompeo threatening ICC judges’ families, among other examples to choose from).

    This has nothing to do with narco-terrorism or justice or law enforcement. Just another wacky action plan by a corrupt and rather short-sighted government(since pulling this stunt now, or at all, isn’t going to make the rest of the world want to support the USA’s approach because the rest of the world isn’t as stupid as 30-40% of American voters).

  13. CIA is known for drug trafficking and I haven’t seen a president being charged…

    Double standards?

  14. Ugh we get it already, they want to assassinate a world leader. It’s boring and old

  15. and NYtimes said saddam had WMD’s and that we should invade

    nah. this is propaganda, even if it was true we dont care or apply this standard on other countries that are “allies”

  16. Things never do end well for scummy dictators.

    Mohammed bin Salman will probably be the next

  17. I hope this actually means they’ll do something about the narcodictatorship in Venezuela, but my guess is that this is just empty words to court the many thousands of Venezuelan naturalized US citizens in Florida for next elections.

  18. After reading this thread, I hate redditors

  19. USA needs the oils to be up in price or it’s companies will bankrupt and the Petro dollars will vanished

  20. The country whose government, under several different Presidents over a period of more than a century, has conducted [56 military coups/interventions in South & Central America](https://fa.iuvmarchive.com/storage/2019-02-06/thumbnails/riTRA9nWzSDRgTqQfsBXN6klJWK1LnFsXCPZcknE.png), which is known for planning and committing false flag attacks/acts of terrorism against [both](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods) [foreign](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Condor) and [domestic](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra) “””enemies””” is accusing yet another South American President, who just so happens to harbor anti-American-imperalist sentiments, of being a criminal following an “investigation”.

    Color me surprised! I’m sure this farce isn’t just the preamble to the U.S. “freeing” (read: bombing) Venezuela and installing far-right military dictator(s) who will [sell the country’s assets to American investors for pennies on the dollar.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5rVD_TXrjo)

  21. Watch reddit let this post die down but the bullshit socialist news from yesterday got to the frontpage. Fucking leftist trash.

    Inb4 retards saying “it’s a coup”

  22. Couldn’t make a coup and now this? US think world still stupid ?

  23. What, did he work for Walmart?

  24. Kind of a meaningless gesture considering he stands zero chance of actually seeing a court room in the US over any of this. Of course we can also just glaze over how the US ignores international criminal courts that want to try their former presidents for war crimes, but yeah let’s just keep pointing those fingers.

  25. Probably just a political move to keep other nations from sending medical supplies for the virus

  26. Sounds like good ole propaganda

  27. Fun Fact the United States of America is the biggest drug state in the world and I am not talking about private corporations dumping opioids on the Market.

  28. We tried the coup twice, didn’t work.
    Have to being regime change somehow.
    There’s more evidence of our president and the mob, than there is of maduro and drug trafficking. But hey, at least we’re not talking about Epstein anymore.

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  30. new york “tellow cake” times has a new war they want to sell, btw, some of us need to die of covid at the altar of wall street, sorry guys, i don’t make the rules.

  31. How ironic, drug dealers want other drug dealers arrested

  32. I’m kinda not too surprised

  33. Our federal justice system has lost all credibility.

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