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Prince Harry’s return to the lights with an American accent … and expectations of a new deal with the royal family

Will Prince Harry and his young family return to the royal spotlight again? After a year-long absence, the couple chose her to withdraw from the royal duties in January of last year, they decided to appear again, but through a series of podcast episodes, to talk about their life experiences.

Spouses Harry and Meghan began their first episode last Tuesday, and the discussions focused on mental health, and the duration of the episode was 33 minutes, and experts expect it to have cost 30 million pounds, according to the British newspaper “The Daily Mail”.

The episode ranked 17th upon its broadcast on Spotify, and slowly progressed to seventh place on the Spotify podcast in the United Kingdom, and the 26th in the United States, which was considered by some to be indifferent by the American public to Meghan and Harry’s talk, compared to the British public’s interest in their news.

The Duke, 36, and Duchess of Sussex, 39, invited a number of their famous friends to appear during the first episode, which includes a group of prominent British and American artists, activists and musicians.

They include Sir Elton John, Brianne Brown, Deepak Chopra, Stacy Abrams and James Corden. Other guests include Democratic activist Stacy Abrams, tennis star Naomi Osaka, American director and actor Tyler Perry and Deepak Chopra and activist Christina Aden from London who campaigns on food issues.

But many Twitter pioneers Criticized The episode, where one described it as “boring and preaching” while another wrote “I prefer to watch a series.”

The British audience did not forgive Prince Harry for his American accent, which was evident in many words during the episode, as was the American accent of their son “Archie”, who congratulated the listeners on the New Year.

What was striking was that the spouses who moved away from royal life to gain privacy for the sake of their son – as we announced a year ago – abandoned this principle and allowed their child to appear with them, as the audience differed between those who saw his appearance as a wonderful thing, and those who considered it an attempt to increase their profits.

New deal with the minors

In their report, published by the American Daily Beast, the two writers Tom Sykes and Tim Timan reviewed a summary of the most important news of the British royal family, especially some expectations regarding Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle.

“The Sun” newspaper reported that Prince Harry would return to the United Kingdom to negotiate an extension of the terms of the agreement under which the spouses gave up their royal duties, and the British press called it “Megxit”, in talks of a “less intense” nature. They are keen to stick to their royal titles, despite their growing commercial commitments in the United States. “

Harry and Meghan may spend more time in Britain during 2021, to attend the Queen’s 95th birthday and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday; The event of the unveiling of the long-awaited statue of the late Princess Diana coinciding with her 60th birthday, in early June.

The newspaper reported that the royal family may restore some of his military posts to Harry, which he was stripped of last year when he and his wife abandoned their royal duties.

Lawsuits despite the apology

Although Prince Harry received a rare apology from the Mail on Sunday newspaper for publishing a trumped-up story alleging that Harry was no longer in contact with the Royal Marines after he gave up his royal duties, the Telegraph reported that this apology would not mean the end of the case, and Harry does not have Any intention to drop the court hearing scheduled for early in the new year.

The newspaper is also facing a similar case from his wife, Megan, who claimed that Mail on Sunday violated data privacy by publishing excerpts from a letter it sent to her father, Thomas Markle. The case, which was due to take place in January, will be heard in London’s High Court, in the fall of 2021, after Meghan’s request for a postponement was accepted for confidential reasons.

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