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Private clinics in the UK are reselling COVID-19 test kits at £125 despite only costing $2 to manufacture

Private clinics in the UK are reselling COVID-19 test kits at £125 despite only costing $2 to manufacture

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  1. Weird. How are they getting these kits? NHS staff can’t get enough themselves and all private hospitals have been leased to the NHS.

    Not sure how true this is to be honest.

  2. Nothing new. Private clinics in the UK have been doing that to almost everything. Private hospitals/clinics = business.

  3. They should be jailed for this

  4. If ever there was a better example to the UK of what’s wrong with private healthcare and why we should cherish and fight for our NHS.

    I dread to think what the medical bills alone is going to do to the people of the US who survive this.

  5. At least in UK, only part of the system does it, but not the NHS. Here is US, that is the system.

  6. That’s how it is in the US. You get charged $30 for two Tylenol.

  7. Yeah, that’s how private medicine works.

  8. simple.

    Treat this like price gougers.

    This stops if you completely drive them into bankruptcy. How? Simple, if a test is develloped, put their clinic on an offical list to reccieve any and all tests ythat were bought with government money last. The cure? Fire all employees that were involved in this, and investigate fully with police cooperation who participated.


  9. Hey! Welcome to American health care. Where the prices are made up and lives don’t matter.

  10. Price gouging during a pandemic should be illegal all over the world. You can’t force people to be moral, but you can sure as hell punish them when they take advantage of others in this shameful way.

  11. Little taste of what it’s like in America.

  12. A business with zero moral standards is taking advantage of a situation to make money

    People: 😮 😮 😮

  13. Welcome UK to how US healthcare works…

  14. inb4 comment explaining how the costs are justified because something something something cost to research

  15. That is a US healthcare move

  16. In BC Canada that would be a $25,000.00 fine and possible jail time under the new rules.

  17. Well, that’s what you get for going private.

  18. NY Times should write an article about how this is a common practice for all of medicine in the US for a variety of medical services. Or is that a big taboo that we don’t talk about? Like men liking the fragrance shampoo that their wives buy.

  19. That’s cheap Harley Streets been selling them for over £300 since this started, that’s why a lot of premiership footballers, actors other rich fucks are getting tested before NHS staff.

  20. One “clinic” in London, The Private Harley Street Clinic (not actually in Harley Street, London)
    was charging £375 for a test they were paying £120 for. If I remember correctly the bloke running, Chief executive Dr Mark Ali (probably also works as the cleaner, admin staff, etc) sold 6,500 kits….


  21. Unfortunately, desperate times tend to float all the cunts to the top.

  22. No cure for COVID-19 and no cure for being a cunt

  23. The headline is a little misleading. Private clinics aren’t manufacturing them. The article mentions that they cost about $9 wholesale. While a 1300% markup is still FUCKING EGREGIOUS, it’s way better than a 6300% markup.

  24. It would irresponsible to not show them why that is wrong.

  25. Makes the case for asset stripping and banning private healthcare in the UK.

  26. Price gouging fucking slime…

  27. I mean, we already do this with everything medical in the US and no one bats an eye, but jack up the cost of bottled water in an emergency and you’re a super villain. I guess what I’m saying is if it’s an issue, it should always be an issue, and not just an issue when regular people can capitalize.

  28. It’s times like these when I hate capitalism.

  29. Fucking cunts.

    Hope they get fucked in the ass.

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