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Pros facing criticism … the fans evaluate their return experience in the European Super Cup

The European Super Cup match between Bayern Munich and Seville, yesterday, Thursday, went smoothly after the adoption of the European Football Association (UEFA) confrontation to see the possibility of establishing the first popular game with the presence of fans again.

The crowd began arriving hours before the start of the match, which is the first continental to be held in the presence of spectators since the resumption of activity following the outbreak of the Corona virus, and an hour before the kick-off the number increased.

15,500 spectators attended, out of the 67,000 capacity at the Puskas Stadium in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The masses adhered to health measures and put on masks in accordance with the instructions spread in the stands, and wandered in the stands while adhering to the rules of social distancing.

The pandemic caused the absence of fans from the stands; But some countries have brought back fans in limited numbers with the start of the new season.

The European Union for the game decided to hold the traditional match between the champions of the European Champions League and the European League in the presence of fans; But he was subjected to heavy criticism.

The fans came hours before the start of the match (Reuters)

The fans attending the match focused on the positives, and Matthias Lacatosch, 24, a Bayern fan, said, “I cannot express how much I was waiting for this opportunity, it is like a symptom withdrawal. But now I got the medicine and nothing stops me.” A friend tried to embrace Lacatos, who turned him away, saying, “My friend is not here.”

The Hungarian government and Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to comment on the health risks of holding the match in the presence of fans, even after some experts, opponents and local residents expressed their anger at the experience of the matter in their country.

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin described the match as a “experience” and stressed that the UEFA would benefit from it before deciding what to do in the future.

At the start of the match, social distancing was evident, unlike what happens in the Hungarian League matches, and after the opening of Seville scoring with a penalty kick through Lucas Ocampos, fans maintained social distancing despite 4 Spanish journalists celebrating together in the stands.

Bayern players celebrate with their fans after winning the Super title (Reuters)

And Bayern’s realization of the tie through Leon Goritska showed that most of the fans on the field belong to the Bavarian team; But they maintained social distancing as they celebrated.

It was unchanged when Xabi Martinez scored in the first overtime to lead Bayern 2-1 before preserving their win; To claim the title.

Supervisors in groups who know each other have been relied on to reduce random meetings, and Alex, a 20-year-old student, said he received detailed training on how to observe the rules of social distancing.

He added, “I am not worried … I always make sure to wash my hands and stay away. But there are obligations on me, so I need to work … This is the situation. You can survive anything if you want to.”

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