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Qatar and Sheikh Sabah .. Immortal stances of conscience

The Qatari people do not consider the late Emir of Kuwait, Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, as being just the ruler of a sister country. However, the position that the late Emir had reached among the Qatari people had not been reached by any ruler of a neighboring country.

Several situations witnessed the depth of the relations between the late Emir of Kuwait and Qatar, the people and the Emir, and no occasion passed without bearing clear evidence of that solid and deep-rooted relationship between the two sides, and perhaps the last of which was the current state of shock and sadness among the general Qatari people, which demonstrates the permanent white hands of Prince Sabah.

The love of the Qatari people for the Emir of Kuwait has been going on for decades. However, the recent siege crisis exploded those emotions between the two sides. From the first day of the blockade, the Emir of Kuwait sought to make every effort to alleviate the severity of the crisis, especially stopping the military option that was on the table at the beginning of the crisis, and which was revealed by the late Sheikh Sabah during a press conference. With US President Donald Trump.

Lose the flag

The late Emir of Kuwait drew attention by inspecting the flag of Qatar before taking the memorial photo of the heads of the delegations of the Gulf summit, which was held in the Saudi capital Riyadh, and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, was absent from it.

When the leaders of countries lined up to take the memorial photo, Sheikh Sabah held the flag of Qatar to check whether it was visible in the picture or not, and then Sultan Al-Muraikhi, head of the Qatar delegation, came on behalf of Sheikh Tamim; To kiss the head of Sheikh Sabah after inspecting the Qatari flag, and following the spread of those footage, a state of praise spread on social media by the Qatari people, who appreciated Sheikh Sabah’s taking this gesture in light of the siege of their country and the absence of their Emir from this summit.

In a similar fraternal position that highlights the extent of the late Emir of Kuwait’s love and appreciation for Qatar and its people, the representative of Qatar in the Kuwait International Conference “Integrity for Development” singled out Hamad bin Nasser Al-Misnad, head of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, with a special peace and handshake without the rest of the officials and delegations that lined up for peace. On him in the opening session of the conference.

During the opening of the conference, cameras showed the Emir of Kuwait, as he passed in front of the delegations of participating countries and bodies, raising his hand to greet them. But what caught attention at the time, Sheikh Sabah stopped in front of the Musnad, shaking hands with him in particular, and then continuing his way to his position in the conference without shaking hands with anyone else.

The Qatari people have not forgotten the details of the difficult days that the country lived during June 5, 2017 after the blockade was imposed on it by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, and they watched the Emir of Kuwait moving from one country to another under his difficult health conditions at the time, with the aim of resolving the crisis. And trying to find a Gulf political solution to it, despite the difficulties it faced in order to solve this crisis; However, until his death, he continued to work for the restoration of the Gulf house from any dispute.

The stations of love were not from one side, and Qatar also exchanged love with love and loyalty, so no Qatari official who talks about the Gulf crisis does not appreciate the efforts and positions taken by the Emir of Kuwait, may God have mercy on him, to resolve the Gulf crisis and his positions in support of the state in all fields, which has led to the partnership Between the two countries during the past 3 difficult years to its zenith.

Since the blockade imposed on Qatar, the Emir of Qatar has not attended any Gulf summit except for the Gulf summit held in Kuwait, and he was keen to attend personally, in appreciation of the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait, at a time when the leaders of the blockading countries retreated from attending, despite their previous promises.

Name will live

The relationship of the Emir of Kuwait with Qatar and its people extended to the infrastructure that Qatar is building in preparation for the 2022 World Cup, as Qatar named Sabah Al-Ahmad to the most important infrastructure axes in the country, which is the “lung of Doha” and is considered a major link linking about 15 main roads, Most of the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™ stadiums are easily accessible.

Coinciding with Kuwait’s celebration of its 58th National Day on February 24, 2019, Qatar launched a road named “Sabah Al-Ahmad Corridor”, Emir of Kuwait, in appreciation of his continuous efforts to maintain the security and stability of the region.

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