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Queen: ‘We will succeed’ in fight against virus

Queen: ‘We will succeed’ in fight against virus

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  1. I like how she casually mentioned her first public address was in 1940. That was 80 fucking years ago! That’s insane.

  2. She has only ever done 4 speeches to the public
    bar her Christmas speeches, shows the unprecedented times we are in.

  3. We will fight in the living room. We will fight in the kitchen. We will fight in the bedroom, the bathroom, and the halls. We will never surrender!

  4. As a brit living in America I’m always asked what I, or brits, think of the Queen.

    Personally, I’ve always been proud to have the figurehead of the Queen to represent us. She never chose her role, she was born into it. She could have been a lunatic, a narcissist, cruel or cold. At the very least she could have been lazy but she is non of those.

    If it were you or I could we have conducted ourselves so well over so long? A president or prime minister chooses their path and prepares themselves before being thrust into the spot light and the role of leadership. Elizabeth never chose this but has done an extraordinary job in honoring her people, and I do love her.

    Its refreshing to hear a speech from someone who is not a complete twat in these times.

  5. “I hope in the years to come, everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge”

    Not just the Queen of the United Kingdom, but still the Queen of Low-Key Shade, as always. Privately, she must be appalled at how many of her contemporaries have handled this whole thing.

  6. To be honest, while I’m not from the UK, the Queen’s speeches have always been a nice comfort imo, so it’s nice to see her doing one for this.

    She also looks pretty healthy. Hard to believe she’s almost 94. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she’s late 70s to mid 80s.

  7. As an American I felt comforted that there is a world leader who knows how to speak to the public during these trying times.

  8. Great speech. Just reminds me how much i and many others will miss her when she is gone. Hope she is keeping safe.

  9. Conscious choice including a shot of 3M boxes containing medical supplies which are being fought over with the Americans.

  10. She is a true head of state. Unifies and comforts the United Kingdom and the rest of the Commonwealth! God save the Queen!

  11. for a minute as she started I was expecting her to announce the UK PM had died….

    and then the post speech announcement he been admitted to hospital.

  12. We might succeed. The 20s are going to be a tough decade for humanity.

  13. Not everyone is a monarchist, particularly on reddit, but if it brings people comfort and keeps people going and keeps people self isolating then it’s a positive thing! God save the Queen!

  14. Is this the royal “we?” Does she mean that she’ll be the only one (plus the corgis) left standing after this bug wipes out the rest of civilization?

    Because honestly that’s not a bad bet.

  15. Queen: “We are the Champions, my friends…”

  16. Im not even British and I almost cried. She is so assuring compared to the American Basket Case president

  17. She made her first address in 1940. EIGHTY years ago. And while I think the monarchy it’s useless, that’s pretty cool.

  18. “Many people of all faiths, and of none…”

    When the woman who gave her first public address in 1940 is more evolved than American politicians whose parents weren’t even born then.

  19. I’m a 30 year old American and her majesty’s speech gave me more hope than any politician in the States I have listed to in a few years.

  20. Thank you Freddy, we needed your humble words!

  21. We are all British on this blessed day.

  22. We *

    * those who will survive.

  23. Anyone else surprised by her voice ?

  24. Nice one Lizzie!
    This ExPat Brit, for one, loves you.

  25. Keep calm and carry on, as it were

  26. And this, ladies and gentleman, is all it takes to lead with a speech. I wish the US had such a dignified head of state.

  27. Well, yeah, the question is how many will die.

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