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Question mark (24) | What is the escape code?


You want to withdraw from everything, succumb to monotony and stagnation, do not enjoy even simple things, live a faded life .. It is strange that you do not know the reason!


Could you be worse than Christie Brown, the famous Irish painter and writer? Could your situation now be more difficult than a man suffering from cerebral palsy, and he can only practice his talent and craft with his left toes? Despite this, he achieved what others had not.

Watch, if you like the movie “My Left Foot”, you will be amazed by the details. You will be ashamed as you compare your bad conditions, which you live in and surround you on every side, with his condition that he was born to, you are much better than him But you are very frustrated by him.

Our friend is smart, he succeeded in his estimates, for with a simple math, Christie realized that he would either suffer for several years so that he could adapt himself to circumstances and coexist with them, unlikely that they would end, or he would remain thus suffering throughout his life – for example, 5 years of suffering or 50 years old ?.

We sometimes don’t think it like this; Because we are prisoners of waiting, we are constantly waiting. We hope that tomorrow will come, and a miracle will come with it, so that the political, economic and health tragedies that surround us from all sides end, and we say to ourselves: We cannot face them, let us wait.

Passion is what takes you out of this distress, turns the table with it, and gives you tremendous energy to endure life’s suffering and be patient with its misery.


Do you remember when an idea astonished you, occupied your mind all the time, expanded your eyes when you mentioned it, and you seemed ready to take risks for it, when you clung to something, and you couldn’t break it, and you pursued it like a madman, when you were standing up and yelling and saying I want it, I want to do it So people tell you where is the mind? Where is the logic? She replies persistently: I want it.

What is required now is to recover this feeling, do everything you can to regain your passion, close your ears to those who tell you that we are tired of talking about this matter, and then they remain in their frustrations, failure, despair and complaint.

Do not worry that you have lost it, it is like faith, love and any other human feeling that increases and decreases, appears and disappears, the circumstances surrounding you overthrow it, or you yourself overthrow it, when you neglect it, when you do not work to develop it, when you fear failure, when you over-adopt Illogical goals, when you convert it into a routine, repetition destroys everything.

Your passion calls you, a profession other than the one you have always pursued, a study that you want to replace with another that you are now embarking on with hatred, a new lifestyle that you seek to pursue, a hobby you wish to learn, an adventure that you want to take

That passion is what takes you out of this distress, turns the table with it, and gives you tremendous energy to endure life’s suffering and be patient with its misery.

Do you have the courage to decide like this suddenly to turn your back on this world with its noise and simply follow your passion, in order to avoid a moment when you regret before your death that you have done everything except what you wanted?


Are the conditions right now for that?

There is no perfect moment for a start; But there is an appropriate moment, take it carefully and start, and do not be afraid of what will become of your fate if you do, nothing is worse than ignoring your true inner desires, nothing is worse than regret while you are old.

Sometimes a person needs some kind of shock to wake up, return to normal, and blood returns to flow in the veins, and getting out of the comfort zone is one of the most important solutions, and it does not need a certain timing, you can start now.

Each of us surrounds himself in a safe zone of places, people, interests, and norms, what if you took yourself away from it, even if only a little, then you will restore all your accounts, and you will know if the right moment has come or not.

If you are not able to do something, leave it … and go beyond it to what you can


Yes, the passion for it is a bit crazy; But it is not absolute madness, and it does not mean the absence of logic, it is simply a “calculated” adventure, but prepare for surprises, and remind yourself that any plan does not always go according to what is expected, so do not get confused if this happens, and most importantly do not kill your passion if you cannot achieve All that I had planned.

Passion does not require enthusiasm alone, it needs study, training and development, it needs thinking, and a gradual plan is drawn up; To transform from case to case.

I tried and failed, it is okay, in my opinion that a person should always re-evaluate himself, and be frank with her, we sometimes lie to ourselves, a young man wants to be a director not because he loves this art; But he is looking for his fruits, to deal with the atmosphere of artists, and to be the spotlight, or he wants to be a doctor with the social status that this title carries; But in fact, he is not able to study medicine, and to stay between disease and blood.

You must first test your sincerity in this passion, which you have chosen, you may find yourself in others, so there is this great advice:

If you are not able to do something, leave it … and go beyond it to what you can


speak Easy; Therefore, people are actually distinguished. Whoever can face obstacles and overcome them always wins, whoever kills all excuses.

Failure to obtain a higher education degree is not an obstacle, financial conditions are not an obstacle, age is not an obstacle, and the story of the Portuguese writer Jose Saramagua is well-known, as he began to master writing that brought him to the Nobel Prize at the age of 50; A good example of this.

In our days, there were a thousand obstacles from the family environment that prevented a person from setting off and running towards his passion, now you young people are free from all of that; But you restrict yourselves to yourselves, fear, indecision and feeble resolve your true enemies. You are already their captives, so free yourselves.

Passion is what will lift us out of this darkness, in which we are immersed, especially if we remember that stored dreams are corrupted.

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